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Let’s face it, college is expensive. That’s why NSHSS works to continuously provide scholarship opportunities to our community. Learn more.

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Our programs are designed to give you insight into the best ways to prepare for college and future careers as well as broadening your perspective about the world. Learn more.

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Various events and activities are offered to help members connect with like-minded people and learn first-hand from university educators and students. Learn more.

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NSHSS develops strategic relationships with educational organizations and corporations in order to provide you with opportunities and resources to learn and experience the world. Learn more.

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College Prep

NSHSS provides resources and insight into preparing for college for topics such as SAT and other test preparation, college applications and scholarship planning, and university specific information. Learn more.

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Career Prep

NSHSS provides resources to bring clarity to career direction and opportunities to connect you with companies looking for talent.

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We work hard to provide real benefits to our members by providing information about topics from getting ready for college to discovering ways to make an impact in the world. Learn more.

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Member Discounts

To aid in our commitment to helping students, many educational and corporate partners are providing NSHSS members discounts and savings for their programs, products, or services. Learn more.