NSHSS Ambassadors are student leaders within their high schools who exhibit academic excellence and strong commitment to community service.  As role models, Ambassadors are encouraged to inspire their peers to explore new initiatives within their high schools and communities by organizing community service projects and gatherings to support the vision of NSHSS.  

Ambassadors interact with each other by participating in activities such as 100 Days of Nonviolence, National Black History Month, World Storytelling Day, Earth Day, and National Bully Prevention month, or in other initiatives that are important to their local community. NSHSS shares the efforts and successes of our Ambassadors at our member events held throughout the year, through Facebook, and in the monthly Scholar’s Journal.

Ambassadors are responsible for playing a vital role in communicating with current and prospective members about how to make the most of membership in the Society and sharing their experiences and stories with NSHSS.  

Through the information received in the Ambassador member kit, Ambassadors will be able to easily answer any questions prospective members may have and make their experience as an NSHSS Ambassador all that it can be.   

Ambassadors receive preference in participating in certain member events and also have the opportunity to compete for the Ambassador Scholar Awards made available only to our Ambassadors.  This $1,000 college scholarship is now available and applications are due May 1, 2014.  If you believe you are eligible for this scholarship, please log in to your member dashboard to apply.  If you think you have not received the invitation for this scholarship in error, email  

To qualify for membership in the Ambassador Program, NSHSS members must be a second semester sophomore, a junior or a senior with a cumulative GPA of 3.7 or higher. There is no cost to participate. 

If you are interested in becoming an Ambassador and would like to get more involved with the Society, applications for the program will reopen in the Fall.  Please send any questions to 


Words From Ambassadors

"Being an Ambassador means bringing recognition to an amazing program that I believe so many more people could benefit from if they only knew about it. This position means connecting more people to a lifelong program that can help you find scholarships and connections. I also want to so this because the people I tell about NSHSS normally have never heard about it and I believe its time they officially do."
Keylee Jones, Chattanooga, TN

"By being an Ambassador I am setting an example of success. One that can be accomplish also by teens my age and others that need the leading hand in order to learn what they need to learn in order to lead by example for our futur leaders."
Brianna Cunningham, Philadelphia, PA

"To be an Ambassador for the National Society of High School Scholars means as a representative, scholar, delegate, and member, I am to represent with the utmost courage, loyalty, and respect skills possible. I must be able to communicate and inform fellow colleagues of the organization and what we stand for. And to uphold with dignity and quality for all to see, the pride of a National High School Scholar."
Matthew Gerstenberg, Jonestown, PA

"NSHSS Ambassadors are constructive leaders, optimistic, and devoted to the betterment of their community. As leaders within their schools, they are responsible for being examples of the outstanding standards members are held to and encouraging peers to follow suit. Actively participating in NSHSS and school-wide events, an Ambassador is an involved and productive member of their community and Society, which in turn helps to create a world more driven and focused towards promoting service and excellence."
Caitlyn Wiley, Farmington Hills, MI

"To be an Ambassador is not something that should be lightly undertaken. It is an honor that is bestowed and one that I ought to live up to. I should want to be an Ambassador for NSHSS not for my own gain, but so that I might encourage others to do well, as I have done well. I know that I couldn't have done it without strong people behind me and encouraging me, so I should in turn repay that by helping others achieve the same excellence. Being an Ambassador means that I am willing to serve others by representing a society of scholars as a leader in our community. If I am all they know of NSHSS, I want it to be a favorable impression that makes them hunger to excel and become a member of this honorable society. "
Deanna Mantooth, Fayeteville, AR

"In addition to representing NSHSS, Ambassadors proudly and devotedly represent their schools. As they promote NSHSS, Ambassadors demonstrate commitment and enthusiasm in being effective communicators. As an exceptionally distinguished position, an Ambassador not only values himself or herself, but also respects authority and others. Ambassadors should serve as role models towards others by characterizing qualities of dignity, honesty, pride, and excellence, and they inspire others to become the best they can be and to actively contribute to their societies."
Nicole Sassounian, Studio City, CA

"To be an ambassador is a great privilege due to the interactions and communications that I will make with not only my peers, but members of the community. It would be a personal goal for me to encourage the concept of work ethic and dedication to any pursuit whether it be in school or otherwise. I am excited at the prospect of collaborating in teamwork and gaining leadership skills(but also cooperative) abilities from such an honorable organization as NSHSS. On a broader scale, I want to share what I have learned throughout my "trials and tribulations" in the hopes that someone may gain insight from my mistakes and achievements."
Rebecca Ratusnik, Winter Park, FL

"I means a great deal to me becoming an Ambassador because I already promote NSHSS, and all the great benefits that come out of being in this society, so being an Ambassador would further enlarge my voice to the public promoting with the tools and advice given to me to give back to the greatest society that gave to me."
Alexandra Elmy, Osprey, FL

"It is important to me to represent NSHSS as an ambassader because I can show teens that it is cool to be intelligent andserve in your community. I have a lot of frends that look up to me and listen to my opinoin about things. I want to be responsible with my influence and represent what it means to do your best and help to make a postive change in your world."
Kelsie Johnson, Saint Louis, MO

"To be an Ambassador is to be a role model to high school students everywhere that believe that hard work and diligence in academics will bring them success later in life."
David Didier, Lincoln, NE

"To be an ambassador for the NSHSS would be not only the utmost honor but also a way to help communicate how strongly I feel about the NSHSS to other students, who may not know anything about it. As an ambassador, I would be a student who is always there for other students, to help, guide, and educate. In addition to these roles I will be able to fill, I will also be acting as a role model to other students, teaching, leading, and showing them the importance of determination, hard work, and integrity, by the example I will be laying before others. As an ambassador, eyes will be carefully watching me, because of the duties the job entails, but I am prepared to let them watch, so that I may represent my own hard work, determination, and personal integrity along with the NSHSS so that others may be inspired to learn about and take part in the NSHSS."
Lawrence Frehner, Redlands, CA

"Being an Ambassador for the National Society of High School Scholars means having an opportunity to help my fellow students achieve their academic goals and aim high in the future. By introducing them to all that NSHSS has to offer, I hope they will benefit from the connections and programs that I have enjoyed as a member. It will be a great honor to represent this distinguished organization."
Manning Feng, Bellevue, WA

"Being an Ambassador of NSHSS means an opportunity to enhance my surrounding peers through academic involvement, as well as a personal commitment to become a better contributor in my high school community."
Mimi Shiba, Cincinnati, OH

"Being an ambassador means that I will be able to expose the goals of NSHSS to others and bring them the joys of hard work. Being an ambassador also means promoting the goals of a NSHSS scholar- merit, hard-work, friendliness, and compassion. Further, being an ambassador helps me connect with an organization that I already love and enjoy along with connecting with my fellow NSHSS members around the nation."
Vinamrata Singal, Seabrook, TX

"It is an honor to serve as a NSHSS ambassador at Milton High School. As an ambassador, I will promote and encourage academic success among all of my peers and I hope to see academic excellence as respected and valued as athletic success among high school students. I hope to instill a love of learning and a desire to set and meet goals in my fellow students as a NSHSS ambassador in Milton High School."
Nairita Nandy, Alpharetta, GA

"To be an ambassador means to be an accurate and effective representative for the program and to be a role model for others who look to the program and be the face of the National Society of High School Scholars."
Andrew Stowe, Durham, NC

"An Ambassador by virtue is someone who represents the essence of the institution he stands for. As an Ambassador of NSHSS, I vow to incessantly serve the mission and vision of NSHSS while establishing and augmenting the contribution and service that I can provide to society."
Ashmit Mittal, Dalton, GA