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Nobel Tradition

Claes Nobel
Chair, The National Society of High School Scholars

Claes Nobel, renowned champion of environmental stewardship, Earth Ethics, and youth leadership, continued his family’s legacy of recognizing and rewarding outstanding achievement by launching The National Society of High School Scholars.

Mr. Nobel’s vision for the Society was to highlight the accomplishments of high school students who have demonstrated outstanding leadership, scholarship, and community commitment, as well as to foster their continued success.

Mr. Nobel is a native of Sweden and member of the family that established the Nobel Prizes. A passionate proponent of humanitarian and environmental causes, he has worked tirelessly in his mission to help save the planet and its people. In 1974 he drafted The Nobel Laureates Declaration on the Survival of Mankind, signed by 78 Nobel Laureates advocating support for environmental protection and humanitarian leadership. He advises spiritual, political, and economic leaders on preserving the earth and preserving peace, as well as working to help instill these ideals in youth through education and example. He holds dual citizenship in Sweden and the United States.

Meaning of Nobel

On November 27, 1895, Alfred Nobel signed his third and last will at the Swedish-Norwegian Club in Paris. When it was opened and read after his death, the will caused a lot of controversy both in Sweden and internationally, as Nobel had left much of his wealth for the establishment of a prize. In 1901, the first Nobel Prize was awarded, and the name Nobel became synonymous with the recognition of monumental contributors to society.

Since its inception, the Society's growing membership base has in many instances followed noble paths related to education, human rights, anti-bullying, health, and the environment.

At a time when differences are tearing countries apart, young leaders, when given respect and support, have the power to advocate for equality and initiate profound and lasting change that positively impact global poverty, hunger and violence while fostering innovative solutions to water, energy and overall sustainability.

Our goal at NSHSS is to honor and connect a community rich in young innovators eager to connect and transform their ideas into action. We provide a pathway to empowerment and access to tools and training that young leaders need to fulfill their personal mission and make their impact on the world.

Be Honored.

Today, whether you are an invited or current member, take pride in your accomplishments. But more than that, recognize your greater responsibility to achieve all that you know you can while indirectly and directly serving as a role model to the class that follows you, to the friends and family in your neighborhood, to the university and professional peers you will one day work side by side with in harmony. It’s your time. Be honored.

Claes Nobel