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Crafting Your College List

Building a list of schools to apply to is the first major step in your college application process. Join Admissions Expert Zoe Reich-Aviles to learn how to craft a list that sets you up for success. Determine safety, target, and reach schools, how many schools you should have on your list, and what you should be researching about each of your options. 

There are a lot of schools, more than 4,200 in the U.S. alone, to choose from. Building the list of colleges to apply to can feel like one of the most daunting parts of the application process, but can help with your research and find which colleges are the right fit for you.


Crafting Your College List

Thursday, August 19

8:00PM EST



Presenter Zoe Reich-Aviles

Since graduating from Yale in 2016, I have guided more than 60 high school students through the college application process, from building a smart school list to crafting highly unique essays. My clients have gained admission to dozens of top schools including Stanford, Cornell, Dartmouth, and Duke. As we work together on your applications, I believe it is most important to help you reflect on who you are and identify how you plan to pursue your passions. As a college student, I relished the opportunity to pursue my (often niche) interests, from harvesting squash on the Yale Farm and creating performance art through student dance companies to studying the intersection of Religion and Ecology. I look forward to helping you gain the confidence to submit your college applications!