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Design Thinking delivers breakthrough innovation, not Design Gymnastics.

Design thinking has led to many breakthrough innovations and has seen a dramatic increase in adoption. However, in schools, universities, and businesses the design process has become supreme, leading to a fixation on implementing a fixed stepwise process. The effectiveness of design thinking is not only in the process but rather in the content; the fundamental theoretical origins of design thinking. In this talk, Sarel we will explain what design thinking is, explore misconceptions, present examples of effectively applying the essential elements of design thinking, which makes it such a powerful innovation tool. 


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Presenters Dr. Sarel Gronum & Laura Hassett

Dr. Sarel Gronum is a passionate lecturer, consultant, and researcher. Sarel has more than 20 years of international lecturing experience. He currently lectures and supervises in Innovation and Entrepreneurship and is Associate Director of Education at the University of Queensland Business School. He actively researches in the areas of firm growth and performance, specifically on innovation, network practices, and business model innovation. His research has been published in top-tiered journals and presented at several conferences. Sarel has worked on a number of industry-sponsored large-scale research projects for government and industry. He consults extensively by empowering entrepreneurs, corporate and public sector client organizations to develop and implement innovative commercialization and growth strategies.

Ms. Laura Hassett is the Senior Manager of the International Services Unit in the Faculty of Business, Economics and Law at The University of Queensland. The faculty community comprises 12,000 current students, 80,000 alumni, and a diverse range of industry partners, philanthropists, industry-based experts, thought leaders and friends around the world. The International Service Unit works to establish collaborative international partnerships that aim to further education and research in the business, economics, and law disciplines.