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How to Determine What Career Path is Right for You

Start Connecting your College Choices to your Future Career Path

While most students wait until they are in college to choose a career path, myKlovr helps students start to think about potential majors early and often. High school can be the perfect time to start exploring career opportunities. The college you select should have programs that appeal to you and myKlovr can help you figure out what fields you might like before you get accepted!

  • Explore Interests - find out how your hobbies and interests can lead you to the right occupation
  • Check out majors - research schools you are interested in and apply to schools that will propel your goals
  • Start testing the waters - you can start volunteering or interning in industries and professions that work with your personality
  • It's ok not to know - you don't have to start college knowing what you want to do in life but you might be able to narrow down your options or explore future paths 


How to Determine What Career Path is Right for You

Wednesday, February 24
6:00 PM ET


Presenter - Jamie Finch
Chief Business Development Officer

Jamie is a passionate higher education advocate striving to bring equitable opportunities to students going through the college admissions process. Jamie serves as myKlovr’s Chief Business Development Officer, bringing higher education innovators and technology together to serve students. Jamie's work has been featured in The New York Times, Forbes, and Fox News.