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Master Class for First-Time College Parents - Playing The Financial Aid Game To Win!

It’s certainly no secret. College is very expensive. Because of spiraling costs, fewer students are going to or back to college.

What seems to be a secret is how to pay a lot less than the published list price. Financial Aid Now will share a few things that make parents feel a lot better about the financial aid process, admissions, and how to pay for it all, too.

There are ways to earn a four-year degree and get up to an 80% tuition discount or more! Most parents aren’t familiar with all the things that can be done to give their children the education they need without having to go to the poorhouse.

There is no single more important factor in getting the maximum amount of free money than the choice of colleges. Stuart Siegel will describe how easy it is to add a few schools that will compete for your child on price.


Completing the financial aid forms like the FAFSA and CSS Profile can be challenging. For some it’s easy, but for some, it’s very hard, especially the CSS Profile. Most parents appreciate a little guidance. Even if you think you won’t get anything, Stuart will go over six reasons why you should anyway. And some key mistakes to avoid.

Once the award packages are in hand, the offers may be confusing. They may not include all the costs. You need to know if your child was fairly awarded. Stuart will discuss how anyone can easily appeal also known as negotiating for more money. It’s just part of the process. You'll learn just how easy it is to get an additional $7,000 to $20,000 in additional free scholarship and grant money PER YEAR!

Stuart will include a few Financial Aid 101 slides. Financial Aid Now promises to break it down so even your eighty-two-year-old Aunt Edna can understand it. After all, you don’t need to know everything; just what pertains to your family.

Stuart will also cover some of the more common concerns parents have as well and have time for a few questions.

Making the financial aid system work for all students and their parents is our mission and our expertise.

The combination of these three strategies makes college an affordable reality for most families - regardless of income.

Speaker Stuart Siegel

I’ve been in your shoes before. 25 years ago when I was getting ready to send my oldest child to college, I didn’t know how to navigate the financial aid process.

After spending 30+ hours trying to figure it out on my own, I sent in the forms, only to be let down by the amount we received. Fortunately, I was a licensed financial planner and hunkered down to learn the financial aid system for my other two children.

By the time I had sent my other two, I used what I had learned from financial aid professionals, admissions counselors, and others to become a guru of sorts. I learned how to unlock tens of thousands of dollars–dollars that I thought were out of reach for families like mine. After a quarter of a century, my clients and colleagues have come to see me as an expert and their financial aid “guru”. 

During those years 25 years between my financial aid management system for professionals and myself I’ve helped just over one hundred thousand families navigate the financial aid process and access millions of dollars in free aid. It’s that same passion for helping families that led me to create software platforms, like Financial Aid Now, that are used by global enterprises and banks, and credit unions all over the country.

While most families struggle to navigate the financial aid system on their own, Financial Aid Now gives you everything you need to know to make the process painless, while ensuring you get access to the most aid possible.

And if you want or need our personalized services as a private client, I’ll be happy to visit with you.