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Financial Literacy ABCs for College Financial Aid

In support of the 2020 college and financial aid application cycle, Moneythink is partnering with the National Society of High School Scholars (NSHSS) to offer a financial literacy workshop to students, parents, and educators to support their college and financial planning.

About Moneythink
Moneythink harnesses the power of people and technology to bring transparency to college costs so that all students are equipped to invest in their futures.

Moneythink will be launching their free DeicidED product this upcoming fall to support students and families in taking the guesswork out of college affordability. The public, no-cost version of the tool uses optical character recognition (OCR) and machine learning to transform award letter images into a clear and consistent format so students can:

  1. Quickly and accurately understand their award letters
  2. Compare the affordability of their options, enabling an informed enrollment decision
  3. Know the full cost of college and have a plan to pay for it

Planning for college includes the critical importance of planning how to pay for it. In this session, learn the ABCs of college financial aid, focusing on A for Affordability matters, B for Build a financial aid plan, and C for Choose confidently. Possessing a strong understanding of financial literacy is a critical tool in the college choice toolkit.



Financial Literacy ABCs for College Financial Aid

Wednesday, October 28
7:00 PM EST


For questions about this presentation or to learn more about Moneythink, contact Meredith “Mer” Curry, Director of Education Partnerships at or 408-901-0290.