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Planning like a Pro: The Optimal High School Timeline for College Admissions

Parents often ask: what is the best timeline for students so they are in a great position to ace college admissions by the beginning of senior year?

Time is the most valuable asset a student has in high school. What they choose to do outside of classes, which classes they take at which point, how test prep is organized, are all determining factors in making the college planning journey a success.

In this webinar, you will learn tips and tricks for planning classes, extracurricular, summer, and testing by understanding the college admissions system from the inside with Anjali Maazel.


Planning like a Pro: The Optimal High School Timeline for College Admissions

May 12, 2022

7:00 PM ET



Speaker Anjali Maazel

After many years as a Princeton University interviewer, Ted Talk Speaker, and college admissions expert, Anjali Maazel founded Anja Education Consultants, an admissions, tutoring, and test prep company. She is also the very proud mom of a thriving 24-year-old graduate student. 

Her mission is to guide parents of high-achieving teens in planning the kind of education that not only maximizes college, scholarship, and career options but also prioritizes long-term well-being. By encouraging talented students to design a life of purpose with a college as one step in that process, Anjali helps transform stress into excitement. As a result, the college application process empowers young adults to lay the groundwork for a future of professional fulfillment and financial stability.