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The Unexpected Benefits of Making Games

Play shapes the way we think and the way we learn. Join Jonathan Bobrow as he introduces playful systems and demos how his open-source game system, Blinks, facilitates learning about complexity and emergent behavior. Discover an easy way to learn to code and make your own games.

Join us for this free webinar presented by NSHSS partner Move38.

blinks game Move38blinks game Move38

Presenter: Jonathan Bobrow
CEO & Founder, Move38

Jonathan Bobrow is an award winning designer and technologist at the forefront of digital interfaces and hands-on play. He’s an alumnus of the MIT Media Lab Playful Systems group and UCLA Design | Media Arts, CEO and Founder of Move38, a new kind of game company. Move38 builds tools for creativity such as Blinks, a board game system with a mind of its own. Jonathan has successfully Kickstarted five products, raising over $400K on the platform, he is an avid maker, outdoors lover, air-guitar veteran, and recently TEDx thought leader on how play shapes the way we think.