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Travel and Serve in Peru; Develop as a Global Citizen

Join United Planet in discussing why Global Citizenship is going to help you and others be the root of social change. United Planet is being proactive to enact change through partnerships all over the world, including in Peru. Unlock your potential as a global citizen and address disparities across the world because we can't keep reacting to war, famine, and other challenges. We need to learn how to prevent it.

Watch the recording below.



Peru In-Country Coordinator & Director of International Programs, Ernesto Alonso and Elissa Allen

Ernesto is Peruvian. He got involved in tourism when he became a local cultural guide in Cusco. He started as the leader of a tour where he had the opportunity to explore every corner of Peru. But he didn’t just explore there. He lived in Germany for four years but decided to return to Peru with his family. Now back in Peru, he serves as a Country Coordinator for United Planet volunteers. “I am very excited to meet new volunteers and happy to help you in any way I can!” Ernesto is an expert at hosting volunteers, making sure they have everything that they need to serve and make an impact. He also makes sure that they can immerse in the country and culture that he is from and knows so well.

Elissa has served with United Planet since September 2017, leading Travel Abroad as well as Virtual Quests, Exchange Visitor Internships & Incoming Volunteer Programs. Her expertise includes aspects of service-learning, civic engagement, nonprofit management, and global citizenship. She has gained extensive cross-cultural experience from this position as well as from living in Ghana, volunteering abroad in various global roles, and traveling extensively.