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NSHSS Social Media Participation and Behavior

The NSHSS online and social community wants to foster a positive experience for all members. When you engage on our social media and/or online profiles, make sure to use respectful language. We may remove materials that we deem unlawful, fraudulent, threatening, libelous, defamatory, or otherwise objectionable, or infringe or violate any party’s copyright, trade secret, trademark, authorship, publicity, or any other proprietary rights (collectively, “Intellectual Property Rights”).

These terms apply to profiles operated by NSHSS and all communication related to NSHSS programs (individual chats, emails, or group messages). If a violation or misconduct is reported, there will be a consequence. Consequences range in variations, but can result in removal from an online group or revocation of membership within a specific program. Examples of such illegal or unauthorized uses include, but are not limited to content that: