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Friday, February 14, 2014

Join the Change, Join Jaygoe!

Jaygoe Founders CROPPED


Jaygoe is the brainchild of Jerry Joseph and Yousef Ageil’s combined philosophies of creating an organization that will allow individuals of various occupations and time constraints the opportunity to positively impact communities on a global stage. When people's good intentions and a strong, mutual desire to positively influence communities locally and globally combine, a Jaygoe project is born!

WHY was JAYGOE created?

Jaygoe is designed for the individual who wants to make a positive global impact, but due to limited resources, is unable to achieve this feat. We find ourselves saying at times “why can't someone do something about that?” and “what can I do to help this situation?” One person may seem powerless against various group efforts, but with a powerful and effective network of like minds, a dedicated team of individuals have the power to accomplish great tasks.

Jerry's lifelong ambition of creating a business that empowers individuals to create projects of good intent combined with Yousef's burning desire to have a positive impact globally led the creation of Jaygoe.  Jerry's supercharging charisma and imagination and Yousef's impeccable organization and networking skills is what gives Jaygoe its perpetual edge. 

WHO can participate in JAYGOE?

Jaygoe is open to everyone. It is indiscriminate of age, religion, political affiliation, sex, financial standing, education, etc. Every individual that registers with Jaygoe has the opportunity to suggest a project that can bring about positive change globally or within their communities. Due to the non-profit orientation of Jaygoe, only projects deemed appropriate by the community of contributors will be fully conducted.   

Jaygoe was create by us for you-- while we are the ones planting the seed, Jaygoe will only flourish from your inspired action! 

About the Founders of JAYGOE:

Jerry T. Joseph is a scientist and technician by profession, but an adventurer at heart. Jerry is constantly trying new things to expand his knowledge from the wonders of the universe. Jerry has learned from his many failures throughout his business career and eagerly looks forward to learning and growing from even more mistakes.

Yousef A. Ageil is a motivated entrepreneur reaching out to the people of this world, trying to build a better place for you and for every individual. Yousef is eternally grateful to God and his family, for if it wasn't for them, all these things wouldn't be possible. Yousef is both a visionary and a mass recruiter of local change makers.

You can read more about the founders of Jaygoe here.