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Sunday, February 02, 2014

NSHSS members are invited to a special experience at MCON 14


NSHSS members are invited to a special experience at MCON 14 in Chicago, IL on June 18-19, 2014.

MCON14 is a two-day conference that brings together young leaders – in-person and online – to learn about how your generation is redefining and addressing issues in communities, building movements to create change among your peers, and using talents and resources for good. 

MCON14 explores four areas:

  1. 1. Culture – how organizations and companies can refine culture in order to build stronger businesses;
  2. 2. Relationships – how interpersonal relationships and technologies build transparent relationships among constituents and consumers;
  3. 3. Movements – how movements are created by an interconnected community and a generation focused on a common purpose; and
  4. 4. Resources – how to use talent and financial resources to build stronger products, services, and human-centered organizations.

The organizers of MCON14 are offering NSHSS college students and college graduates a scholarship opportunity to attend the conference in-person on June 18-19, 2014 at the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art. One scholarship is available which includes the conference registration fee (value $399) and three nights stay at The Ivy Boutique Hotel, the official conference hotel (value $650).

To apply for the scholarship, please answer the following question in 500 characters: What issue is most important to you, and how will your attendance at MCON14 impact the people and/or projects that you want to help? Apply for the MCON scholarship in the member dashboard The scholarship opens February 10 and closes April 1, 2014.

If you are currently in high school, you may participate in MCON 14 online, by registering to view online streaming of the speakers, headliners and filmmakers. For complete details about MCON14, please visit

We hope that you’ll take advantage of this great opportunity to learn from millennials, as well as corporate and philanthropic leaders, and gain new insights that will support your personal interests in philanthropy and community.