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Monday, December 01, 2014

Cheyenne Salisbury Designs NSHSS Senior Class T-Shirt

Cheyenne 1


All of us at NSHSS are extremely excited to announce that Cheyenne Salisbury, a senior at Jefferson Central School in New York has designed the winning Class of 2015 T-shirt. Through votes via social media, the Senior Class of 2015 selected Cheyenne’s design during a member-judged t-shirt competition last month. We are grateful to all 168 NSHSS seniors who submitted designs to this year’s competition.

“I was making sketches to come up with a design while I was looking at NSHSS’s crest. I wanted to have something that showed pride in being in NSHSS. In the middle of the crest there are three lions. This design has the NSHSS colors burgundy and gold, and bursts with pride. I am a very honored to be a student in NSHSS and I expect other members are too; this shirt shows that,” Cheyenne commented to NSHSS.

Cheyenne Salisbury

Cheyenne is a member of her school’s Art Club, High Honors Society, Technical High Honors Society, and attends ONC Boces. She plans on attending New York Film Academy next Fall to become a film actress while she continues her passion for art on the side. “I'm very interested in art, technology, music & acting. I'm a hardworking & will not only dream, but make those dreams into reality. To make your dreams come true you have to have determination & never give up,” Cheyenne shares.  

To view additional work of Cheyenne’s art you can visit

Catch Cheyenne’s limited edition Class of 2015 NSHSS shirt in the online NSHSS store now as quantities are limited, and once again, help NSHSS congratulate your fellow member, Cheyenne Salisbury!