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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Family legacy of Mark and Eve Salomon featured in Holocaust Remembrance Day article

Family Legacy Of Mark And Eve Salomon Featured In Holocaust Remembrance Day Article

The Salomon Family (used with permission)

NSHSS members Mark and Eve Salomon are siblings from Illinois who are both Claes Nobel Academic Scholarship recipients continuing on their individual paths to success in law and in journalism.

In conjunction with International Holocaust Remembrance Day, the Huffington Post recently published a piece chronicling how the Salomon family was saved. Mark and his father Rick were contacted and interviewed by a reporter for the Huffington Post in an article describing the grandfather's odyssey:

Read the full article here.

As Rick Salomon says, "The actions of Consul General Sugihara demonstrate that, despite great adversity and apathy by countless others, an individual can make an
incredible difference in their daily lives by daring to do what is right."

Mark is now in law school at NYU, having graduated from the University of Michigan as a double major in history and political science. Eve has worked for CNN/Wolf Blitzer, the Bureau of Investigative Journalism in London, Newsweek/Daily Beast, the Jerusalem Post, for Sir Harold Evans on a book on U.S. Presidents, PBS, and last summer for 60 Minutes/CBS News. She helped cover the 2nd Presidential Debate for CBS News in October.