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Monday, March 03, 2014

Former NSHSS Ambassador Symone Gyles Continues to Lead and Serve at Hampton University

Symone At The Senate 050413

Symone Gyles, now a junior at Hampton University, maintained her 4.0 grade point average as she transitioned from Lee High School to Hampton University. Aside from continuing her numerically flawless academic record, Symone is still highly involved within her community and university. After enduring an extensive selection process, she was selected to join the William R. Harvey Leadership Institute as a freshman. Symone has also served on the Freshmen Executive Council, the Student Recruitment Team, and as a tutor. She will graduate with a minor in Leadership next year.

As a high school student, Symone emphasized that service illuminates our best qualities. She believes that volunteerism “helps us to become better individuals; that it teaches us to be compassionate, unselfish, and giving.” Symone takes pride in assisting others, and her attitude of continual service seems to strengthen with each year.

Symone continues to welcome other young women to seek advice and guidance, offering assistance with academics and life situations as she has a genuine concern for the well-being of others. Whether she is leading her peers in a group assignment or providing information and tours to prospective students, Symone gravitates towards not only leading, but serving as an inspiration to others.

Congratulations Symone! Keep making NSHSS proud!