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Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Jonathan Wynn: 60 Minutes of Art

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Jonathan Wynn-Strachan, a music student and Miami native, founded the nonprofit, community service organization 60 Minutes of Art in 2013. Jonathan became involved in the arts while attending Charles Drew Middle School. Despite his youth, he showed great promise for theatre and visual arts. As President of the organization, he is responsible for creating lesson plans for upcoming workshops, instructing classes, as well as collaborating with sponsors to support this hands-on organization. 60 Minutes of Art is a student-based organization that takes visual and performing arts to inner city neighborhoods that have either lost funding or simply do not have access to creative arts.

While in high school, Jonathan endured a traumatic experience which was not only life-changing, but it also strengthened the positive role artistic expression had in his life. It was then that he decided to found 60 Minutes of Art. The goal was to initiate a program to serve as a positive outlet for children ages 6 to 13 in Miami, Florida communities identified as target zones. Jonathan’s ultimate endeavors are giving back to his community and educating youths. Jonathan remarks, “I am given the opportunity to help and impact so many children. The greatest joy is exposing kids to new modes of art and possibly revealing a new talent.” Breaking down walls of ignorance, fear and stereotypes gives 60 Minutes of Art a continued purpose.

Jonathan’s motivation stems from individuals who support and assist in making the dream of artistic equality a reality. He explains that working with students who are eager to learn and explore makes this community organization worthwhile. Jonathan also credits his mother who worked as a single parent to instill strong character and ensure education is top priority. This invaluable work ethic enabled Jonathan to be an honor student throughout his high school career. His mentor, Mrs. Elina Gayol, provided unwavering support and dedication, which empowered Jonathan as well as other students to act on their artistic aspirations.

Jonathan plans to attend Miami-Dade Community College on a full scholarship. He will major in Nonprofit Operations and Visual Performing Arts. Jonathan is dedicated to improving his community and encouraging kids to explore their creativity one note, one play, and one painting at a time.

For more information on 60 Minutes of Art check out their website