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Meet the Class of 2017 T-Shirt Contest Winner Kiera Butler


Friday, December 09, 2016

Meet the Class of 2017 T-Shirt Contest Winner Kiera Butler

NSHSS Member Kiera Butler is the winner of the Class of 2017 T-Shirt Competition. Her design beat out 163 other entries, and was picked the favorite in a poll on Facebook and Instagram. Her winning design will be printed on T-Shirts available for sale soon in the NSHSS online store. An email will be sent to graduating seniors when the shirt is available for purchase.

Kiera Butler
North Point High School
Waldorf, MD

My name is Kiera Butler and I currently attend North Point High School in Waldorf, MD. I have almost completed a 4-year select program that will allow me to have my Certified Nursing Assistant License in March. After I graduate, I plan to attend college and major in Nursing (BSN) and be on track for a Pre-Medical course, as well as being a CNA on the side for my undergraduate studies. My end goal is to become a Pediatric doctor with plenty of clinical hands-on experience leading up to medical school.

Throughout high school I have been a cheerleader, POMS dancer, played soccer, am currently the President of the Spanish club, and kept memberships with both National Technical Honor Society and Skills USA. Another passion of mine besides medicine is the arts. The musical theater community has been a big part of not only my high school experience, but my whole life. I plan to also get involved in plays and performances around the college of choice when the time comes. Along with music and acting for my love of the arts is painting/ drawing, where I can create whatever I want.


Because of my creativity I decided to enter the C/O 2017 NSHSS T-Shirt Contest. I wanted to stick with a design that was really simple but looked clean and crisp. A lot of times "Class Of.." shirts only have the words "Class of 2017" or some crazy design that is too distracting. That is why I created a simple cap and gown design with the words "Class of 2017" in it, and I think the simplicity is why so many people liked it. I had a lot of supporting votes of my family and friends and I want to thank all the NSHSS members and others who supported my design as well.