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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

NSHSS Claes Nobel Women of Tomorrow Leadership Award Winners 2016

Congratulations to the winners of the NSHSS Claes Nobel Women of Tomorrow Leadership Awards 2016. These five $1,000 scholarships were established to encourage and empower young women to assume future leadership roles in their colleges and universities, their careers and communities and to become mentors for the young women following in their footsteps.

NSHSS Claes Nobel Women of Tomorrow Leadership Award Winners 2016

Mackenzie Berry
ont Manual High School, Louisville, KY

Mackenzie Berry

Growing up, Mackenzie enjoyed journeying to fictional lands through literature. As she aged, she recognized the power of words plastered across picket signs or shared between powerful political figures to enact social change. Mackenzie is now the founder and director of a nonprofit organization, Young Poets of Louisville, which aims “to provide a safe space for young people ages 13-19 to develop themselves through the written and spoken expression of poetry.” She is a blogger and member of the Louisville Youth Philanthropy Council, a member of the National Spanish Honor Society, Beta Club and she is the public relations officer of the Latin American Hispanic Student Organization. Mackenzie was named the 2015-2016 “Ms. Manuel” of her senior class. She also placed 2nd in the poetry category of the 2015 NSHSS Literary Competition.

Elizabeth Harvey
The Westminster Schools, Atlanta, GA

Elizabeth Harvey

A student leader, Elizabeth believes in advocating for the voiceless. She has implemented two educational programs for the Mary Hall Freedom House daycare center. Elizabeth is a board member of Active Minds, and she has worked to increase mental health awareness in her school and community. Elizabeth is also the creator of the Power of the Pencil Project (POPP), an organization established to “enhance the education of at-risk children.” She also mentors middle school girls, and she is a member of the Mock Trial Team, the varsity tennis team and Girl Scouts. Elizabeth will attend Georgia Tech.

Stephanie Luna-Lopez
Atwater High School, Atwater, CA

Stephanie Luna -Lopez

Stephanie aspires to attend an Ivy League institution. While attending the Hispanic Scholarship Fund Youth Leadership Institute and the Chicano Latino Youth Leadership Project, she met the founder and CEO of the Ivy League Project. Excited to share her newfound knowledge of the college admissions process, Stephanie created the Visionary Leadership Conference. Students attending Stephanie’s first annual conference heard from university alumni, scholarship recipients, and university representatives. Stephanie has participated in Junior Leadership Merced, and she is a tutor and a mentor.

Meilani Meleisea
San Diego High School of International Studies, San Diego, CA


As a freshman, Meilani worked tirelessly to bring back the school choir at San Diego High School, consulting with the alumni association to discuss efforts to reinstate the defunct Hilltop Choir. Over 60 students attended auditions, but participation soon dwindled to as low as seven members. Undeterred, Meilani continued to persevere and Re[choir]ed flourished once again, eventually becoming known as the “best in San Diego.” Re[choir]ed will soon become an IB Choral Music course, and through her dedication and determined leadership, the choir is a resounding success. Meilani is also a member of the varsity track team, the campus ministry, and Circle of Friends.

Nicole Shah
Greenwood Laboratory School, Springfield, MO

Nicole Shah

As a 9th grader, Nicole recognized the “need for an organization that encourages teen volunteerism and philanthropy.” She became the president and cofounder of ETHIC (Every Teen Helps Inspire Change). In four years, ETHIC has raised over $100,000 for countless organizations—both domestic and international. Nicole has learned to work with donors, sponsors and event staff to ensure the success of her fundraising events. She is the varsity cheer captain, the Greenwood Service Society president, the STEM financial officer and the Lead School Ambassador. Nicole is also a Coca-Cola Scholar, and she is the vice president of Sustainable Solutions.