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Monday, April 07, 2014

Sohaib Rahman's AMBITION for Street Children

Sohaib 1  Sohaib 2

NSHSS is pleased to congratulate college member Sohaib Rahman on his accomplishments and efforts to make the world a better place. Sohaib is a graduate student in political science at the University of the Punjab in Lahore, Pakistan and earned his undergraduate degree from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. Sohaib was one of numerous NSHSS college members selected to participate in the Clinton Global Initiative University, held at Arizona State University March 21- 23, 2014. The annual meeting gathers more than 1,000 students to develop Commitments to Action–real solutions to domestic and international challenges–with the support and guidance of leaders from the government, academic, business, and nonprofit sectors. Sohaib was also selected for an NSHSS travel scholarship to attend the conference, and previously was chosen for an NSHSS National Scholar Award scholarship as a high school student. Sohaib is currently working on a documentary script that highlights some of the most critical sociopolitical issues of Pakistan. 

Growing up in a society riddled with political turmoil and illiteracy, Sohaib founded a non-profit student organization, AMBITIONS, in 2009. In 2010, the organization made a short documentary for DAWN News on the importance of democracy for Pakistan. AMBITIONS worked for the flood relief and earthquake rehabilitation efforts in collaboration with other student groups throughout Pakistan and has been involved in various teaching and extracurricular activities at the SOSVillage for orphan children in Lahore and Islamabad. In 2012, AMBITIONS organized an extensive book drive in Karachi to supply quality books to the public schools libraries.

Sohaib's commitment for acceptance into the CGI U conference is based upon his Commitment to Action. Through tutoring and mentoring, student volunteers teach and feed unschooled street children. According to UNICEF, 35% of the total population of Pakistan is aged 15 or under, including over 1.5 million street children, with the number gradually increasing in urban centers. This commitment addresses the educational dilemma of these street children.

NSHSS members are encouraged to fulfill the Society's mission of world betterment, and we are pleased to be able to provide exceptional educational and cultural opportunities for members beyond high school. 

Stay tuned for news about Commitments to Action created by NSHSS members Afshin Khan, Lyric Hamilton, Endia Hayes, Timmi Hutchison, Joy Ohiomoba, Jillian Bailey, Chinwude Nwana, Augustina Mensa-Kwao, and Gary Wall.