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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Ethiopian Girl Joins International High School Scholars Society

Ethiopian Girl Joins International High School Scholars Society


ADDIS ABEBA - An Ethiopian student, Tihitina Fanuel, has received a lifetime membership honor for meritorious scholastic achievement and the pursuit of excellence from the National Society of High School Scholars (NSHSS). 

The Society, based in Atlanta USA, recognizes top scholars who have demonstrated outstanding leadership, and community commitment, like Tihitina, every year.

Tihitina, 18, is currently a student at Nazreth School, and has a Cumulative Point Grade Average of 3.65.

“I really had no idea at first about the society …. But they found me after seeing my documents that I sent to various colleges for further education,” Tihitina told The Daily Monitor.

She, however, said it’s not only her transcript that has drawn the attention of the High School Scholars but also an essay she presented to one of the collages she applied to.“They said they liked my essay,” she said, when she speaks about the article, which narrates about ‘Finding Oneself’.“I believe people at my age have to take control of their life before anyone could take control of it,” she said.

The article also contains some inspirations that she drawn from her experiences while volunteering at Mother Theresa Orphanage.  Like her mother, Tihitina spends her summer time with the orphans born with Down syndrome.“I have volunteered at the Missionary for the last four years because of my mom, she is a volunteer their as well.”

Apart from distinguishing the academic excellence at the high school level, the Society Tihitina now is invited to join in encourages members of the organization to apply their unique talents, vision and potential for the betterment of themselves and the world.

Tihitina said she is still in shock that has been given this opportunity - a membership honor for meritorious scholastic achievement and the pursuit of excellence from the National Society of High School Scholars.

“When I first knew that I am going to receive the honor, I was really surprised and didn’t know what it was about at first,” she said.“But after researching about it, I found it to be a really good society and help me go to international colleges I want to learn and fulfill my dream,” she said. Tihitina, who wants to be neuroscientist, said it’s an “opportunity that you get once in a life time so it’s a good thing”.

She advices her fellow students saying that, “ I would say that anything is possible, all you have to do is work hard, let your school come first and, do something you love than you don’t love and try to fulfill your dreams no matter what and make the best of your life.”

Beth Pann, Vice President of NSHSS, said “we are very proud to welcome” as a new lifetime member.

“Tihitina was recommended for membership based upon her outstanding academics, and she joins other students from Ethiopia and the African continent as a member of our prestigious Society,” the Vice President said in a statement sent to The Daily Monitor.

The membership offer Tihitina not only recognition for her academics, but connections to a variety of membership benefits that include access to scholarships, colleges and universities worldwide, study abroad programs, and connections to other students like her who are committed to their studies.

NSHSS now has 1 million members in 160 countries.


By Ruth Agonafer
The Daily Monitor Newspaper