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Meet the Rest of Our Interns


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Meet the Rest of Our Interns

Earlier, you all were introduced to some of our interns here at NSHSS. Our second group of interns are also dedicated to helping out at NSHSS and learning new things along the way. Hear about them and their experience so far below!

 “My name is Brianna! I am a senior at the University of Tulsa (graduating in May 2015). My major is Anthropology, and I also study Spanish, Portuguese, and International Studies. I have a twin sister named Jasmine. We look just alike, but are different in our own ways and have different interests! I absolutely love cultures, foreign languages, and traveling. This upcoming fall semester, I am going to study abroad in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil! I love to dance, eat, and laugh! My favorite thing to do is spend time with people that I love and care about (very sentimental as you can tell) and I am very proud to be a part of my family! I LOVE to learn and read, and I'm passionate about helping and giving to others.”

“I am Jennette ReFour, and I was invited in the year of 2008 to become a member of The National Society of High School Scholars. Since accepting my invitation for membership, NSHSS has given me so many opportunities to include their exclusive events and a lifetime of connections. I am truly blessed to be an intern with such a wonderful society as the people behind it have treated me so well. Currently, I am a rising senior at the University of Georgia studying criminal justice, international affairs, and psychology. Go DAWGS! Upon graduation, my plans are to obtain a Juris Doctorate and later work in law enforcement. I enjoy spending time with my friends and family, filling my days with laughter and I adore my three year old Husky. I believe in making the best of my days and enjoying life while I can. To all my fellow NSHSS members, enjoy life and take advantage of the opportunities that come your way.”

“My name is Kate, I go to Appalachian State University and am studying Architecture with a minor in International Business. I joined NSHSS, going into my sophomore year of high school, which was in 2010. This is actually my first, legitimate big girl job, so I have had to learn much but, it has definitely been a great experience. I feel like working here has given me a little more insight about, what I want to do with my life after college and graduate school. Over all, I am really happy with the opportunities I have been offered as a member and as an intern.”