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Must Ask Questions for College Applicants


Friday, November 21, 2014

Must Ask Questions for College Applicants

College Admission Central is a nationally-renowned company that specializes in working with high-achieving students who aspire to be admitted to our nation’s most selective universities. For over 25 years, the company’s founder has brought its top-tier, ivy, and celebrity clientele to acceptances at their colleges of choice.


The company has developed groundbreaking admission technology tools and services that de-stress the college admissions process and put students back in control of their academic lives and their bright, innovative futures.


College Admission Central has perfected the College Acceptance Success System™, an entirely new method based on a deep understanding of today’s changing application process, leveraged with the best technology platforms, and delivered in the way students prefer: fast and to the point.  To learn more about their comprehensive system visit


As you prepare your college applications and for interviews, Dr. Deborah Bedor offers NSHSS scholars critical guidance in Must Ask Questions.


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