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NSHSS Member Event at Harvard– A Huge Success!
NSHSS Member Event at Harvard– A Huge Success!

The NSHSS Member Event in Boston was a huge success! It included the induction of new members into our prestigious society, a college success panel, and a college fair. After talking with a number of high school students who attended the event, I got a sense that they were content, inspired, and happy that their questions were answered and their ideas were shared.

The event was phenomenal! At the Harvard Art Museums, scholarship recipients were congratulated, educators were honored for their hard work, and distinguished NSHSS partners and professionals shared their wisdom with the audience. I felt inspired as I considered my own career path, but most importantly, I recognized the importance of NSHSS and its Fellows Program.

One of my favorite parts of the event was the college success panel. The interactive panel allowed students and parents to participate and ask any questions they might have about college or NSHSS. I think that all four of us did a fantastic job sharing our college experiences as well as wisdom we gained from those experiences. One of the recurring questions asked that night was how NSHSS helped us in college and what we gain from being a member of NSHSS?

I agree 100% with the answer from Morgan Vazquez (NSHSS Fellows Program Vice President of Special Events) that in addition to scholarships, the connections one can make by being part of this society is what makes NSHSS truly unique. When I was asked this question personally again that night, I recalled that I was part of other honor societies when I was in high school, but after graduating college and graduate school, I felt out of touch with them. NSHSS was the only society that extended its commitment to its members beyond college through its lifetime membership!  

I cannot end this blog post without another congratulations to all of the scholarship recipients and educators for their hard work. I would like to thank all the speakers for their presence and to have shared this wonderful experience with them. Lastly, a big thank you to all the people who contributed to making this event a success!

 You all rock! 

-Murielle Errie, NSHSS Fellows Treasurer

About Murielle Errie: She is currently the NSHSS Fellows Treasurer and attended Franklin Pierce University in Rindge, NH where she earned a BA in Mathematics. She currently works at Eastern Bank in the Operations Division handling electronic transactions.