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Seizing Opportunities with NSHSS


Friday, August 08, 2014

Seizing Opportunities with NSHSS

Good Earth to you all. I hope my words find you well and happily engaged in your efforts to change the world for the better.

We aspire at the Society to recognize all of our excellent young people, and we are exceptionally proud and overjoyed when others join with us in recognizing their achievements. It gladdens my heart when others see the glow from these young scholars, these bright lights of our future. Our annual Scholar’s Day event is one of those chances where we and our partners recognize these bright lights.

Through our many annual Member Events, we give our members the chance to personally meet with and hear presentations by outstanding leaders in business, education, sports and various scientific fields as well as representatives from the Tesoro Corporation and Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Many of these individuals helping us recognize our members at the events are from groups and organizations that offer employment opportunities. At Scholar’s Day, they connected with our young men and women. Dear Scholars, take to heart: whenever, a right opportunity like this comes your way… do not be bashful. Step forward! Grab the opportunity with respectful gratitude! Yes, whenever possible, assertively deploy yourself in the dynamic flow of the good moments!

To read more about our Scholar’s Day event, I invite you to visit here.

In Service to Earth & Humanity,