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Monday, March 03, 2014


AFS-USA, a leader in international high school student exchange for more than 65 years, invites NSHSS members to join in intercultural exchange through two unique avenues: an invitation to celebrate AFS' National Day of Service (NDS) and scholarships to study abroad this summer.

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NDS, taking place on April 12, 2014, is part of Global Youth Service Day, the largest and longest-running annual day of service. It gives members of the AFS Family a fun way to reconnect with each other, while making a real difference in their communities. For AFS Exchange Students, the day is an opportunity to reinforce the connection to their host community. By taking responsibility for its wellbeing and participating in a group activity, these students take steps towards community immersion, an integral part of the study abroad experience.

Last year, volunteers, staff, and exchange students participated in service projects that benefitted their community and demonstrated their commitment to volunteerism. They worked at food banks and clothing drives; cleaned up beaches, rivers, and parks; and planted community gardens, among other projects. NSHSS members are encouraged to find events in their communities on the AFS Events page.

An additional opportunity available to NSHSS students is to study abroad this summer on an AFS exchange program. Summer programs are offered in 20+ counties and are focused on community service, language learning, or cultural immersion. NSHSS students receive $50 off the application fee and $500 off the program tuition by using the promo code NSHSS when starting an application. Applications are due April 10, 2014.

To find out more about National Day Service, summer exchange program scholarships, hosting an AFS Exchange Student, or volunteering with AFS, visit