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Monday, April 01, 2013

Captain Planet Foundation: Inspiring and Empowering Youth to be Environmental Stewards

We are very excited to announce a new partnership between the NSHSS Foundation and the Captain Planet Foundation (CPF). Our shared vision of inspiring and empowering youth around the world to become the eco-stewards and humanitarians of tomorrow through environmental awareness, will make this partnership impactful for many diverse communities. NSHSS Foundation and CPF will implement a strategic plan offering engagement opportunities and environmental education resources open to any high school student and educator.

Our partnership includes the Earth Day 2013 Competition and grant awards, access to environmental-based curriculum and grant resources through CPF, and opportunities to support and volunteer with CPF through their Planeteer Clubs Program. As a new NSHSS Foundation partner, CPF will continue to share its mission of inspiring the next generation of youth to become eco-visionaries and environmental change-makers, among thousands of high-achieving high school student scholars. Through this partnership, we hope to increase the awareness and global impact of CPF’s mission among high school students and educators by fostering a greater interest in the environment through promoting behaviors that encourage conservation and sustainability. In addition, it is our hope that we can serve as a resource for all educators to support environmental education as a regular part of the school day, and outdoor learning as an extension of the traditional classroom.

NSHSS looks forward to growing this partnership for many years to come, as our organizations together have the capacity to empower youth to be catalysts of environmental awareness, responsibility, and change.

To learn more about NSHSS Foundation’s partnership with CPF for the Earth Day 2013 Competition please click here. Students do not need to be a member of NSHSS to apply.

To learn more about the Captain Planet Foundation, please click here.