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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

How to Survive College Acceptance Anxiety

Hello scholars!

How To Survive College Acceptance AnxietyMy name is Colin Marts. I’m a freshman at Harvard University. Being that this is my first article, I want to take a second to say a little about myself. I was born and raised in Houma, Louisiana. I am the youngest of four siblings. Just to throw a few randoms out there, I am a diehard New Orleans Saints fan, and my favorite television show happens to be House of Lies. Overall, I would like to think that I am a pretty laid back guy.

I can imagine the anxiety building for some of you seniors reading this. For a lot of competitive schools, the climax of the college application process is within an arm’s reach. I know the feeling all too well; last year I was just in your shoes. I could not sit in a single class without thinking about the letters I would and would not be receiving. What I am about to say to you may seem clichéd, but it is the best approach for this. RELAX. DO NOT WORK YOURSELF UP OVER THE RESULTS OF AN ACCEPTANCE LETTER. Why?

1. Being denied or wait-listed does not make or break your future.

Believe it or not, an undesired letter is not the end of the world. At the end of the day, all of your accomplishments still testify to the fact that you are a great student. There are multiple paths in life that lead to success. Believe me; life does not end after a college rejection letter. Who knows, in four years all of you will probably be doing this entire process once more. I have met people in Harvard Law School that completed their undergraduate studies at colleges that I have never heard of. Additionally, I have been surprised to learn that most of the graduate students working as teaching assistants in my classes completed their undergraduate studies at state schools. That denial from one school is no reason to give up dreams and throw all your accomplishments thus far to the side.

2. I don’t know anyone that hates his or her college experience.

I went through my college process with a few great friends, and some of our high hopes came crashing down in March. But, by the end of August, we were all filled with school pride. Top tier schools like Harvard, Yale, MIT, or Duke are not the only places with amazing students and faculty. Wherever your destination may be in August, you will be fine because college is what you make of it (but that is an entirely different story).

3. You still have a senior year to enjoy!

You are only a senior in high school once. I am not urging a reckless lifestyle, but be sure to go out and have some fun. In a few months, you will not be able to hang out with your friends every day. Fifteen years from now, the highlight of your high school career definitely won’t be the college letters you received in March.

I hope that this helps. Also feel free to contact me with any questions that you may have. I’m open to speaking about anything from high school life and the application and selection process to college life and academics. Rest assured that questions are not limited to those topics. I am extremely approachable.


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