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Monday, January 13, 2014

Making the Most Out of Your College Experience

Student Council member Anna Lubitz shares some advice as she prepares to graduate from college. Anna currently serves as Chair of the Provost-Student Task Force at Stony Brook University and served as President of the University Student Government. She also received the "Think Science" Challenge Scholarship sponsored by Dublin City University for NSHSS members. Be sure to check out Anna's performance of the National Anthem at the link in the article below:

Anna _Lubitz 

Hello Future College Undergraduates!

My name is Anna Lubitz. I am a senior at Stony Brook University, majoring in biology and minoring in music. You may be thinking: that’s strange combination for educational studies. I receive that comment a lot, but it is ok. One thing that I encourage you to do whether you are just entering college or are a few years into your college experience, is to not be afraid to take chances and to pursue the areas of study that interest you. For me, I love science research and I am pursuing a career in dental medicine. However, I also have a passion for singing and playing my flute and piano. Just remember that it is ok to have more than one passion in college. When I was a freshman, I remember thinking that in order to be a competitive science student, I needed to major in biology and minor in another field of science, like chemistry or physics. However, that is not the case at all. You can major and minor in whatever interests you as long as you are determined to keep your grades up. In fact, when you are applying to graduate or doctoral schools, diversity in your educational studies looks better on a resume and transcript.

This brings me to my second point. To make the most out of your college experience, do not be afraid to take chances in joining a club. Get involved and make a difference in your community, on and off campus. Everyone has the potential to be a leader - you just need to seize the moment and take that step toward positive change. Find a club or an initiative that encourages the heart and inspires a common goal with your peers. 

For me, I follow my personal motto: “Never wonder, what if?” This motto has motivated me to pursue different opportunities academically. For instance, I personally sing the National Anthem at select Stony Brook University Athletic games. This is a true honor in itself and my choice in minoring in music has led me to meet some of the most influential people on campus to achieve my goal of singing in front of more than 11,000 people at our SBU 2013 Homecoming game. You can see the link of my performance below.

One final note, in order to make the most of your college experience, maintain your networks that you make throughout your college years. This is the most crucial piece of advice that I can give now seeing that I will be graduating in May 2014. You never know when you may be called on to help out at an event via a network that you established a professional relationship with - from there, professional opportunities are endless. Networking and communication are key components to being successful in college (of course after studying for your classes).

Good luck in your academic endeavors! And remember, never wonder “What If?”


Anna Lubitz
Senior NSHSS Student Council Member