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Monday, July 06, 2015

Boston Member Event: My Biggest Takeaway

Jordan Biggers Crop 

Written by:

Jordan Biggers, President of the NSHSS Fellows Program

    Honor. Purpose. Hope. That is what comes to mind when I reflect on my experience at the NSHSS Boston Member Event. However, I must confess that the days and minutes leading up to the event put me in a state of anxiousness. The event was held in Menschel Hall at Harvard’s Art Museum, and of course, Harvard’s name comes with reverence and high expectations. To add, I was asked to participate in the College Success Panel as one of the representatives from the Executive Board of the Fellows Program. This was an endeavor not to take lightly, but to my surprise, my fears began to dissipate as I saw our high school NSHSS members fill Menschel Hall. One by one, I recognized a familiarness in their look and demeanor. It was the familiar look of ambition for self-growth and the acquisition of knowledge that made me feel at ease and comfortable speaking with such a talented group of students.

    Before the panel, we all had an opportunity to listen to guest speakers including Alan Nevel, Di Yerbery, scholarship recipients, and various educators of distinction.  Each individual who stepped up to the podium gave audience members a nugget of wisdom to take with us on our collective journey to make a difference. Alan charged everyone to stay true to their passion and reach out for support when needed. Di impressed upon us the urgency to take advantage of the opportunities available to us and get the most out of our education. The scholarship recipients and educators of distinction expressed the value of gratitude and giving back to the community. Each nugget lifted my heart and soul, and I resolved to do the same for my fellow members.

    Sitting on the panel, I had the opportunity to shed light on some of the enigma around college success. I touched on topics ranging from time management to tactics for getting involved in activities that cater to one’s passion. It was a wonderful moment to share that knowledge, but the real treat came after the program when we all walked to the college fair and reception. I had an intimate discussion with members at my table about life and how we chart our future by what we do today. Hearing the dreams and convictions of other NSHSS members truly humbled me. I was relieved to be a part of a community that banners a shared purpose for changing the world, and felt reinvigorated with hope in our power to effect genuine and needed change. Honor, Purpose, and Hope is my takeaway from the Boston Member Event, and I will never forget what a wonderful experience it was.