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NSHSS Members Visit Nobel Week 2015


Wednesday, January 13, 2016

NSHSS Members Visit Nobel Week 2015

In December, 24 NSHSS members participated in a special study trip to experience Nobel Week in Stockholm, Sweden. This trip gave students the unique opportunity to witness first-hand the legacy of NSHSS Co-founder and Chairman Claes Nobel’s family. This exclusive member-only event for NSHSS high school and college scholars ran from December 7th through the 10th in partnership with Stockholm University.

NSHSS members attended several activities during the annual Nobel Week in Stockholm, a time in which the 2015 Nobel Prize Ceremonies and numerous other festivities occur, including visits to the Nobel Museum; a tour of Stockholm City Hall; and attendance at the lectures for the Nobel Prizes in physics, chemistry and economic sciences. At a special reception, NSHSS scholars discussed the intricacies of the Prizes with the president of The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and members of the selection committees for the Nobel Prizes in physics, chemistry and literature.


Ekaterina Forkin: A Future Scientist Inspired

My name is Ekaterina and I'm originally from Ukraine, but I currently live near Washington, D.C. I'm a sophomore in high school, and I'm thinking about studying science or medicine. I really wanted to attend the Nobel Week because I have a deep interest in science! When I saw that I would get to hear the physics and chemistry speeches in person, I knew I had to go. I've also never been to Stockholm, so I loved the chance I would get to explore the city. 

 My favorite memory from the trip was definitely meeting the Nobel committee. It was such an honor and amazing opportunity to talk and ask questions to scientists and professors. They had a lot of knowledge and were a great source of information about the Nobel Prizes. Also, it was fun to meet so many new friends! There were a lot of like-minded students and it was very interesting to get to know them. 

 Attending the Nobel Week really reinforced my interest in science and research. It gave me first-hand opportunities to meet extremely intelligent scientists and talking to them opened up ideas for me on what I will study in college. 

Apurwa Adwait: A Lesson in Global Cooperation

It was a fabulous trip because I got to meet with students from all over the world, listen to Nobel laureates’ lectures, and visit Stockholm. I am a senior at North Hollywood Highly Gifted Magnet, thus I will be graduating in June of 2016. I am originally from Nepal, but lived in Japan for 6 years and have been living in United States for last 5 years.

My favorite memories from this trip are the live video that we watched of the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony and Nobel Week’s lectures of medicine, chemistry and physics. After we went around the Nobel Museum I was not expecting much from watching the live Nobel Peace Prize video, because I am focused more toward science. However, as I watched the video I could not take my eyes off the screen even for one second. The Tunisian leaders inspired me like a gust of wing. The courage they have and actions that they took toward the corruption in Tunisia were amazing. In such corruption, people fear for their lives, yet those people stood up to that fear and led the people of Tunisia to stop the political corruption. Then and there I learned that when everybody works together greater things can be achieved than when only one person works at it. To unify and lead everybody is a leader’s responsibility.

By going to Nobel Week, I was able to understand its importance more than before. Nobel Laureates have devoted several decades or even their whole life to find out a cure of a disease or mystery of unknown phenomenon. Thus, I learned that hard work is important for success, however, the persistence to keep moving forward and never giving up their goals finally results into a great accomplishment. I was inspired by their scientific research journey. I have only researched for one year and was little bit irritated by the fact that I had not found anything interesting within this one year. However, looking at all the Nobel Laureates I realized that in research it takes a great devotion and time to finally to find out something, which will have a big impact in world and how science is viewed. 

Aswin Bikkani: Gaining New Knowledge Through Travel

The overall experience was fantastic. The trip was an opportunity to travel to Europe, which I had never done before, in a perfect balance of structure (the Nobel Week activities) and sightseeing opportunities to explore an amazing city. Being hosted by the University of Stockholm added an extra dimension to the trip. We met members of the Nobel Committees that choose the laureates each year and learned about their work and life in modern Sweden.

Nobel Week is an international presence that’s come together for a common goal, in this case furthering human knowledge. As an aspiring physician that’s something I’m very passionate about. Also, as someone who hasn’t traveled much, what inspired me the most was seeing how small the world is. Everywhere from the Nobel Lectures with laureates from around the world, to the Indian restaurant across the street from my hotel, English is the lingua franca.

Traveling to Sweden is worthwhile on its own, but being hosted by the University of Stockholm is what truly makes the trip a valuable experience. Not everyone’s experience traveling abroad gets to be as in depth as what NSHSS has to offer.

Kami Krista: A Burning Curiosity Sparked

My name is Kami Krista, I come from Austria and am turning 17. I currently attend St. Gilgen International School, and I am doing the IB Diploma as part of the graduating class of 2017. I am planning to combine biochemistry with environmental sciences and study abroad, preferably in the US.

I hoped to gain inspiration and insight from the Nobel Prize winners as a form of a unique learning experience that will fuel my passion and burning curiosity for innovations and new thinking. It is very important to build upon information gathered by others and to collaborate with them because innovations and new insights in any field rely on previous knowledge gathered by others, and, therefore, is a combined and cumulative effort. I am of the opinion that listening to other’s ideas will spark new ones, as well as provide role models that will stimulate and encourage an enthusiasm for an area of knowledge that will assist in the further development and progress of this world and the people that live on it.

My most lasting memory will probably be of the day when we were able to see and listen to the Nobel Lectures in chemistry, physics and economics, as well as meet with the Nobel Prize Committee. I thought that it was fascinating to be able to listen to the insights, ideas and discoveries of some of the top people in their field. Gaining new and inspiring knowledge not only about what they discovered, but the journey to its discovery. I always find it just as fascinating, if not more, to hear how a person got to their final destination, what led them to their discovery, what hurdles they had to overcome. The smiles that lit up on their faces when they explained to the audience the mechanisms of their discovery were contagious. How could you not feel happy for them? Be happy with them?

The light lunch we had with some of the members of the Nobel Committee in my opinion was such a privilege, as we were able to find out first hand the process that they go through to choose the Nobel Laureates; what qualities they are looking for, what difficulties they have faced, how they resolve differences in beliefs in the group, etc. It gave us an insight into the procedures and workings that are gone through to arrive at a conclusion every year, a procedure that has to be as foolproof and exact as possible.