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Monday, December 01, 2014

Georgetown College Announces New Majors

Georgetown College

The new Sports Administration major contains a core set of classes with the option of choosing from one of two tracks of study in either Communication and Media Studies or Kinesiology. Interdisciplinary study will include classes in business/economics, kinesiology/health, and relational/social classes related to sport.

“The program provides students with a shared experience in the study of sport and sport organizations,” says Dr. Kenneth Sibal, Assistant Professor of Communication and Media Studies.

“They will be able to tailor the major to fit their individual goals, needs, and aspirations.”

There are three overarching objectives to be accomplished, according to Dr. Sibal.

By the end of the program, Sports Administration majors at Georgetown College will be able to 1) relate foundational knowledge of basic concepts and practices associated with sports administration, 2) analyze and think critically about personal and social issues within sports related organizations, and 3) apply knowledge gained from coursework to an integrative sports administrative experience.

Sociology majors and minors will have the opportunity to gain new experiences and work toward a more just society through the Social and Criminal Justice emphasis. It will prepare students for work within the criminal justice system or associated organizations by connecting the professional side of field criminology/criminal justice with a liberal arts sociology education. The end result will be that students will have the option of joining the workforce upon graduation or pursuing an advanced degree.

Seven new classes pertaining to the social and criminal justice emphasis are being added under the sociology class options.

Intro to Social and Criminal Justice, Ethics in Social and Criminal Justice, Criminological Theory and Criminal Procedures will be required for a major with this emphasis, while Juvenile Delinquency, Deviance and Social Control and Restorative Justice will be electives. Majors and minors will still be required to take other sociology classes along with the new ones.

Michael Littrell, a former police officer who is completing his Ph.D. in sociology, will be the primary professor for the new classes.

Said Littrell, “I think it (the emphasis) will be a nice addition to current sociology classes because it focuses primarily on the justice system, not necessarily as a practitioner, but as a practitioner who understands the sociological underpinnings of how these groups work.”

In partnering with NSHSS, Georgetown College offers a scholarship to all NSHSS members that apply and have been accepted to the College. This academic scholarship is valued at $17,500 and is renewable for four years. 

To be considered you must:
Be a member of NSHSS
Apply and be admitted to Georgetown College by February 1st of your senior year.
Have a 3.6 unweighted High School GPA or higher.

Students who would like to know more about these and other opportunities at Georgetown College are encouraged to contact the Office of Admission at 800-788-9985 or