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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Georgetown College Spanish Immersion

Georgetown College is a private liberal arts college located in Georgetown, Kentucky.  Not only is Georgetown College one of the premier liberal arts institutes in the Midwest with a thriving, intimate campus life and faculty dedicated to student success, GC also has a number of distinctive programs which set our graduates apart.  An example of these unique opportunities is our Spanish Immersion Program.

Our Spanish Immersion Program (known as the “Inmersión en Español” on campus) offers students a way to improve their Spanish without taking traditional language classes.  Students can still major or minor in any field they would like.  IEGC won't take away time from their major or minor courses of study as our classes fulfill general studies credits that they have to take anyway.

This program is a very unique opportunity to learn Spanish in a new way.  IEGC students aren't just studying Spanish, they are using it in practical and meaninful ways.  IEGC students learn how to think critically, research and write academic papers, speak about and defend their ideas...the only difference is that you are doing these things in Spanish!

Typical students who excel in the program have: (1) reached Spanish IV or above in high school, (2) grown up speaking Spanish at home or (3) are native Spanish speakers.

Participants in the Spanish Immersion Program complete a minimum of 15 credit hours (about five classes) of their GC Core (general studies) course work in Spanish.  Examples of coursework available include: Philosophy, Religion, Political Science, Foundations and Literature.

All IEGC students take a Freshman Seminar course titled "Seminario en Español” during their first semester.  This course meets just once a week and gives students an introduction to what it will be like to take an immersion course.  This also gives them a semester to work on their language skills by taking courses in the Spanish department (grammar, conversation, etc.).

Not all students need the extra work in Spanish, but, for those who are nervous about their proficiency coming into the program, it helps them feel more confident about the program.

"The greatest things I've gained from the Immersion Program are the relationships with the unique and wonderful people I've met who share my love of the Spanish language.  We are all different, and we are all from different places, but our interests in foreign language and culture bind us.  I have also gained great confidence in both my comprehension and communication skills," notes Sarah Bailey, 2016.

Students can choose which immersion classes they want to take and when, allowing optimal control to achieve the greatest rewards from the program.  Each student also completes a capstone project before graduating.  The capstone gives them the opportunity to put Spanish to use in a practical way related to their future career goals.  Students can also complete IEGC credits (including the capstone project) through study abroad in Spanish-speaking countries.

The Spanish Immersion Program at Georgetown College has numerous benefits including:

  • Improved linguistic fluency and competancy
  • Confidence and the improved ability to adapt to new situations that requre the use of Spanish
  • Increased familiarity with Hispanic culture in ways that are both personal and practical

NSHSS students are eligible to apply for the IEGC renewable $1,000/year add-on scholarship which stacks on top of the guaranteed $17,500/year merit-based scholarship awarded to all NSHSS students who attend GC.


For more information, please visit or call 800-788-9885!