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Monday, April 01, 2013

Georgetown College: Your Pathway to Honors and Oxford University!

The Georgetown College Academic Honors Program strives to help motivated students reach their fullest academic potential by challenging them throughout their college careers, promoting a high level of intellectual discourse, helping them broaden their cultural experiences, and fostering academic research.


Dr. Barbara Burch, professor and chair of both the Department of English and the Honors Program Committee, notes, “They leave with a bigger sense of context. It’s impossible to be invested in the Honors Program and only do your major and walk away. Between the reading groups, interdisciplinary seminars, and hearing their fellow students present their research projects, they recognize that whatever one individual is working on is part of a network of scholarly inquiry.”

In addition to GC’s Academic Honors Program, up to 20 Honors students are selected each year to become Oxford Honors Scholars.

The Oxford Honors Scholars Program was founded to allow selected Honors Program students to combine the best of an American liberal arts honors education with elements of the Oxford University tutorial method of teaching and learning. Students who apply and are accepted into the Oxford Honors Scholars Program earn a yearly stipend of $1,000 (above and beyond their other academic awards).

Students must maintain a minimum 3.3 GPA and make satisfactory progress towards the completion of the Oxford Honors Program elements. In addition, Oxford Honors Scholars are eligible for an additional scholarship which would cover all tuition and housing costs should they decide to pursue studying at Oxford in their junior or senior year at Georgetown College.

NSHSS students are encouraged to apply for the Academic Honors and Oxford Honor Scholars Programs. NSHSS students selected to become Oxford Honors Scholars earn a renewable $1,000/year add-on scholarship which stacks on top of the guaranteed $17,500/year merit-based scholarship awarded to all NSHSS students who have an unweighted 3.6 GPA and attend GC.

For more information about Oxford Scholar eligibility or admission requirements, please visit or call 800-788-9985!