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Monday, April 01, 2013

Journey down under for a top of the world academic experience!


Journey Down Under For A Top Of The World Academic Experience 1 Completing your undergraduate degree abroad  gives you the opportunity to challenge yourself,  meet new friends, and explore new places. The  University of Melbourne provides the perfect setting  for such an experience, with a rich academic and  social community, set on a beautiful campus, in  one of the world’s most liveable cities.

 Melbourne students are active in clubs, sports,  and  community service, while still gaining a world  class  education. ”Melbourne Uni” was ranked the  #1  university in Australia and #28 in the world by  Times Higher Ed for 2012-2013.

 Many North American students ask us how  academic life in Australia compares to that in the  US and Canada. Here are a few of the basics:

 Academic Calendar –

 Like many North American universities, the  Melbourne academic year is split into two  semesters. However, because Australia is in the  southern hemisphere, the calendar (and seasons!) is quite different. Semester 1 begins in late February and ends in early June. Semester 2 runs from late July through early December. If you graduate high school in June, it is typically easier to complete the application process and prepare for a move overseas, by enrolling in the Semester 1 start date.

 Academic Classes -

With over 80 major fields of study to choose from, in 6 broad undergraduate degrees, you can pick classes that fit with your career aspirations, while also exploring new interests. Melbourne students can take classes from their degree, as well as ‘breadth’ subjects, which offer interdisciplinary perspectives of contemporary global challenges. Example classes include: “Introduction to Climate Change,” “Internet meets Society,” and “Intercultural Effectiveness.”

 Application Process -

The application process does differ from that of a North American university. The entry requirements for each of our degrees are straight forward. You do not need to submit any letters of recommendations or essays. As long as you meet the academic requirements, you will be offered entry!

 Journey Down Under For A Top Of The World Academic Experience 2

Want a chance to preview what studying in Melbourne would be like?

Submit a video in our scholarship contest to attend a Trinity College leadership program this summer! Three streams are available: (1) Fine arts; (2) Social Justice; (3) Psychology and Media Communications.     Video submissions are due Tuesday, April 30th.

Check out more video contest details and apply at

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