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Tuesday, September 02, 2014

UQ students to become Disney World interns

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Students at The University of Queensland have the opportunity to graduate with a degree that includes magic and movies by undertaking an internship at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida as part of the Disney Cultural Exchange program.

It’s an opportunity sprinkled with fairy dust, but the six-month, paid internship will give students access to global authorities in leadership, business skills and providing guest services.

Interns will meet hundreds of students from across the world staying in the Disney apartment communities.

UQ business alumnus Jessica Walker took part in the program in 2012 and she now works as event sales coordinator at Hilton Brisbane.

Ms Walker said the program was a life-changing experience.

“Working with and learning from the world’s leading entertainment provider is work experience on a whole new level,” she said.

“It was an incredible experience to have access to high-quality learning institutes such as Disney University, with its extensive on-the-job training.

“They also ensure that you are well equipped and supported in your position from day one.”

Students at UQ enjoy extensive opportunities to broaden their knowledge beyond the classroom by gaining work experience through internships and volunteer placements in Australia and internationally.

In addition, UQ offers its award-winning Summer and Winter Research programs for students to delve into research topics of their interest alongside some of the University’s most talented researchers for a period of 4–10 weeks during semester vacation.

And if these extra-curricular opportunities aren’t enough, many of UQ’s courses include field trips and practical study experiences to get students into hands-on activities.

Some field trips take students to unique locations such as Queensland’s incredible Outback and Fraser Island, the world’s largest sand island and a World Heritage listed area.

Other locations include UQ's marine research stations in Moreton Bay off the coast of Brisbane and Heron Island on the Great Barrier Reef. 

Some examples of UQ courses which include field trips are below:

Internships and field trips are just some of the experiences on offer that make studying at The University of Queensland a real advantage.

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