How to Prepare for Your First Job After College

Thursday, May 12, 2022

How to Prepare for Your First Job After College

Graduation is nearing. Finding your first job after college can seem overwhelming. But don’t worry! There are a TON of resources available to you to help you in your search. The National Society of High School Scholars provides a place for you to get the information you need to be successful in your job search. 

Strengthen Your Skills

Before you begin applying for your first job, you will need to complete some job preparation. Consider your personal set of skills. What can you offer that separates you from everyone else? Is your resume updated and proofread? A fresh resume may be your ticket to success in your job search. Provide a tailored and professional resume to future employers. Highlighting your skills that meet their needs will help to set yourself apart. This ensures you reach your goal to land an interview. Your resume and/or cover letter are likely to be your first impression! Applying for your first job after college does not mean there is room for rookie mistakes. Make sure your resume and cover letter give a great snapshot of who you are and what you can offer. Utilize all available resources to create high-quality application materials.

Career Fields to Fit Your Needs

Career exploration is one of the most fun parts of looking for your first job. Answering the question of “What to do after College?” can seem daunting. However, your degree is likely to offer you entrance into several different career fields or graduate schools. Do not be afraid to search outside the box and find something that intrigues you. Research different careers and find what interests you most about each. Searching random jobs for college graduates can make the search feel hopeless. One great way to research different Career Fields is to look at NSHSS’s library of webinars. From careers at the U.S. Department of State to Medical School applications, these webinars provide something for all members.

Explore Job Opportunities

After you have narrowed down some potential career fields, you can begin your search for your first job. There are millions of job opportunities waiting for you to find them.  From location to specific job perks, exploring all your potential options is essential. Jobs for college graduates are available if you know where to look. Consider looking at resources that provide opportunities for internships and job seekers. NSHSS offers a path for members to connect with corporations and government agencies. Connections with potential employers can be a game-changer for you professionally. Companies are looking for the top candidates in their respective fields. Platforms such as the NSHSS offer members a leg up in making potential connections.

Research Potential Employers

An excellent way to get a head start on resumes, cover letters, and potential interviews is to research potential employers. NSHSS offers its members job boards that show available positions. Removing the craze in searching for jobs gives you more time to research employers and narrow down your ideal job. Learning about your potential employer helps you to tailor your cover letter. Highlight the qualities you have that meet best their needs. Look over each company's Mission Statement and Core Values in addition to the duties of the job. Understanding the potential work environment and expectations. These factors ensure you will find a great match. Looking for a job after college using trusted resources can help you to mitigate scams and lead you to success.   

Be Open to Unexpected Opportunities

You never know where an interview or internship will take you. Questioning what to do after college can be answered as simply as gaining experience in the job market. Oftentimes, prospective candidates are looking for interview experience rather than the job itself. But, by the end of the interview, the job has a new appeal. You will never regret taking the time to research and explore job opportunities. Completing job preparation tasks will help you when the right job does come. Take on new opportunities and see what comes. The job market is broad and flexible. Apply to anything that catches your eye. The worst thing that can happen is you receive a “No thanks”. The best thing? You end up as the next Emily in Paris. 

Searching for your first job after college doesn’t have to be a miserable experience. With the NSHSS on your team, you can find employers, career information, and a ton of other resources to help you. Becoming an NSHSS member can help you turn your dream job into a reality.