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NSHSS Scholarships

At NSHSS we know that college scholarships, pre-college and study abroad programs and connections to universities are priorities for our scholars and their families. NSHSS offers a range of lifetime member benefits connecting scholars with over $1 million in scholarships and with the resources they need to develop their strengths at each step along way – from high school to college to career.

NSHSS Members attend The Pink Cloud Initiative in Milan, Italy

Six NSHSS members, who are pursuing studies and a career in the science and technology-based fields, received scholarships to attend The Pink Cloud Initiative, hosted by Microsoft Italy, in Milan, Italy on May 19-21, 2015. The Pink Cloud is a special initiative developed by Microsoft, aimed at closing the gender gap in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) in order to create a society based on gender-equal opportunities.

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Arne Duncan receives a 2014 Claes Nobel World Betterment Award

Arne Duncan, former CEO of Chicago Public Schools and current U.S. Secretary of Education, speaks about the role that educators and organizations like NSHSS play in expanding opportunities for students across the globe to prepare them for success in college and in future careers. Through the World Betterment Award, the NSHSS Foundation seeks to inspire leadership and value for humankind among diverse young people around the world.

My Lifetime Journey with NSHSS

NSHSS Student Council member, Donnie Pulliam of Morehouse College, exemplifies young leadership. Recipient of NSHSS scholarships including the Di Yerbury Award and the Ambassador Award, he is taking full advantage of his lifetime membership with NSHSS. In April, 2015 Donnie represented NSHSS at the American Association of Blacks in High Education conference, providing guidance to university administrators on the academic and career aspirations of high-achieving scholars.

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Neha Gupta Receives International Children’s Peace Prize Award

Claes Nobel Scholarship recipient Neha Gupta, a freshman in the Schreyer Honors College at Pennsylvania State University, has been awarded the International Children’s Peace Prize Award for her outstanding work helping over 25,000 impoverished orphans through her non-profit organization Empower Orphans, which she founded at the age of nine. She accepted the award at a ceremony in The Hague, Netherlands, from Netherlands' King Willem-Alexander, former archbishop and Nobel Peace Prize winner Desmond Tutu, and 2014 Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai was in attendance.

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Shambrekia Wise

Shambrekia Wise became a member of NSHSS in 2004 when she was a student at Pleasant Grove High School in Texas. She was invited to join the NSHSS Student Council during her college years, and now serves as Secretary of Community Development & Outreach for the NSHSS Fellows Executive Board, our new alumni network of NSHSS members who have graduated from college. Shambrekia has significantly benefitted from the lifetime benefits of membership with NSHSS, and is committed to giving back to younger members of NSHSS so that they too may grow from the experiences the Society offers.

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NSHSS Boston Member Event 2015

NSHSS members participated in the Q&A session during the Boston Member Event at the Harvard Art Museums. Students had the chance to connect with other NSHSS members and hear from NSHSS’s Fellows Executive Board during the College Success panel. The Boston Event’s College and Career Fair offered members the chance to speak one on one with college admission representatives and education and corporate partners. NSHSS holds events yearly in various cities and states.

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