NSHSS Beginnings

Renowned champion of youth leadership and environmental stewardship, Claes Nobel has continued his family’s legacy of recognizing and rewarding outstanding achievement by founding The National Society of High School Scholars.

NSHSS was established to highlight the accomplishments of high school students who have demonstrated outstanding leadership, scholarship, and community commitment, as well as to foster their continued success.

Founded in 2002, NSHSS has inducted over 700,000 members with more than 100,000 annually from over 160 countries. NSHSS provides a wide array of member benefits that prepare students for both college and careers, including over $1.1 million in scholarship awards since the organization was founded.


What do the components of the crest symbolize?

Logo _nshssColors
Gold - generosity and elevation of mind.
Red - strength and magnanimity.

Crown and Lions
Defender of honor...dauntless courage.
The three lions in the crown represent courage in the pursuit of excellence, strength of conviction, and honor.

Book and Dagger
The open book is the manifestation of learning. The dagger represents honor and justice. The combination is learning with honor or the honor imbued by education.

Three Torches
Truth and intelligence: before, now and always.

Art of writing and education.

Olive Branch
Peace and concordance.

Victorious fidelity in authority.