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NSHSS Membership Benefits

Membership with NSHSS begins with recognition of academic success, but doesn't end there. The resources offered are focused on helping our members successfully transition from high school to college, and from college into their careers. The benefits of membership include access to scholarships, leadership development programs, study abroad opportunities, college admissions counsel, and internship and employment opportunities.


Let’s face it, college is expensive. NSHSS works to continuously provide scholarship opportunities to our members to defray the costs associated with college and life-changing educational programs.

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Our programs are designed to give members insight into the best ways to prepare for college and future careers, build leadership skills, and broaden perspectives about the world and its people.

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NSHSS Member Events are celebrations of achievement. Our events and activities are offered to help members connect with like-minded scholars and learn first-hand from university educators and partners.

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College Prep

NSHSS provides direct connections to university admissions officers and additional resources to support college preparation on topics such as college applications, financial aid and scholarships, choosing a college, test preparation and many other topics.

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Career Prep

NSHSS connects our members directly with colleges and universities, companies, organizations and government agencies that are seeking top talent for their admissions, internship and employment opportunities.

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Member Discounts

To aid in our commitment to helping students, many educational and corporate partners are providing NSHSS members discounts and savings for their programs, products, or services.

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Our Partners