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    Achievement. Scholarship. A World of Potential.

    Recognizing young scholars and connecting you to a bright future— from high school to college and beyond.

A Lifetime Of Benefits

Your vision of going to college, gaining real-world experience through internships, and starting strong in your career shouldn’t be just a dream. The National Society of High School Scholars (NSHSS) pairs its Lifetime Members with high school and college scholarships, events, connections, internships, and career opportunities that last long after high school.

Accordion Callout

NSHSS is much more than an accolade on your college application. As an NSHSS Lifetime Member, you gain access to exclusive scholarships to help you pay for college, plus events, college recruitment fairs, resource discounts and more.

Scholarship opportunities continue once you become an undergraduate. These scholarships will help you broaden your horizons through international study abroad programs and summer volunteer programs. We’ll also help you gain valuable real-world experience through top-notch internships.

78% of NSHSS members surveyed plan to attend graduate school. Unlike most honor societies, NSHSS continues to offer scholarships even at the graduate level. As an NSHSS Lifetime Member, you’ll connect with high-caliber business partners, giving you an edge against your competition. NSHSS is committed to helping you bring to life the career of your dreams.


NSHSS Members are eligible for exclusive scholarships to help you pay for college. This year, we will award over $2 million to help students pay for college, study abroad, summer programs, and even graduate school.

From Learning to Leading

Leaders aren’t born. They’re made. NSHSS Members take their academic achievements to the next level with events from NSHSS. From college fairs to personal development workshops to internship and career connections, NSHSS is committed to preparing you for a bright future.

"There is a special place in my heart for encouraging and recognizing the youth of the world”

Claes Nobel, Co-founder, NSHSS

An Inside Look at Art School with NSHSS Member Nicole Campbell

Have you always dreamed of studying art in college? NSHSS Member Nicole Campbell offers some insight into what studying at an Art School is really like.


NSHSS has been an excellent support network. It has been an incentive to achieve, a reward for success, and a reminder of excellence. It has given me incredible opportunities for my education and for my own personal growth. I would not have had the same experiences and come out the same person had I not been part of NSHSS.
Fatima Elfakahany

Emory University Class of 2020, Aflac Scholar Award Winner


National Society of High School Scholars Foundation and Captain Planet Foundation Select 10 Students as Winners of Fifth Annual Earth Day Competition.

April 22, 2017