What does it mean to Be More?

Since our founding, we have taken pride in honoring more honor-worthy students than any organization in the world. With the most challenging honors criteria and the most diverse set of young scholars, we have changed the face, the meaning, and the expectations of an inclusive honors society.

NSHSS is more than just high school, more than college, and more than a career. NSHSS is a community of driven individuals who believe that enough is never enough. It is a network of over 2 million lifetime members from across the globe who believe in being the next agents of change and the next thought-leaders.

As we continue to recognize the most deserving, welcoming them into the NSHSS family, we know that honor is just the beginning. We know high-achieving scholars need more. That is why we strive to provide resources, tools, and a community of belonging to help our scholars collaborate, thrive, and Be More.


$100,000 Be More Fund

Our members are doing amazing things to promote world betterment, and we are committed to sharing their stories and supporting their work. NSHSS is excited to offer the $100,000 Be More Fund to reward individuals who have started nonprofits or are pursuing innovative passion projects that will make the world a better, more equitable place.

How to Be More—Advice from Claes Nobel, NSHSS Co-Founder

Take comfort in some advice from Claes Nobel, grand nephew of Alfred Nobel who established the Nobel Prizes, which are recognized worldwide as the most prestigious awards available in the fields of literature, medicine, physics, chemistry, economics, and activism for peace. Claes Nobel emphasized the importance of setting goals and working diligently to achieve them.


NSHSS pillars

The NSHSS Pillars guide and focus our mission of providing members with the best possible resources for success. Established by NSHSS Co-founder Claes Nobel and influenced by his 7 Rights, as well as by our own members, the following principles encompass the future of our organization and how we plan to Be More to create a world of possibilities.

NSHSS Career Center

NSHSS is excited to announce its new Career Center for members! Whether looking for an internship, a new job, or simply to get help preparing for a job search, the NSHSS Career Center provides you assistance.

With over 1,000 jobs and internships, materials to help you prepare for job interviews, a career coach, and more, you are bound to find something to set you on a path to success!


What current members are doing to Be More

Adele K.
2023 Nobel Tour Attendee

It was very fun, educational, and a once in a lifetime experience!

Christi B. (Parent)
2023 Nobel Tour Attendee

Outstanding tour with unique opportunities

HaoXiang Y.
2023 Nobel Tour Attendee

It’s a great experience for people wanting to see a different country.

Ethan B.
2023 Nobel Tour Attendee

It’s a great way to learn more about the Nobel Prize and Sweden if you’re interested in those. Plus you get to meet new people and maybe make some friends.

Jameson S.
2023 Nobel Tour Attendee

It was a lot of fun to explore a foreign, I enjoyed meeting so many awesome people, and I learned so much about Sweden and the Nobel system.

Emelie P.
2023 Nobel Tour Attendee

Thank you for making it possible for us NSHSS members to have the opportunity to come to Sweden. I loved seeing Sweden and learning about the schools in Sweden.

Alana B.
2023 Nobel Tour Attendee

I enjoyed being a part of this experience, making new connections, taking in various architectural features, and this learning opportunity was truly once in a lifetime.

Macarena Aguirre-Low

"This course was amazing! I learned many new skills to become an intern and to be a be a better person. I initially took this course for better time management skills but not only did it help with that, it also made me more prepared for the workplace."

Victoria Kim

"This course helps you a lot not only as an intern, but as an individual who lives in a society with other people. They also mention some tips for virtual environment which will be helpful for your internship!"

Abhinav Tanniru

"This course provides you with all of the information to succeed in your internships. This course covers topics such as professionalism, diversity, leadership, mental health, and staying true to yourself. It teaches you to respond to setbacks and difficulties in a positive and innovative fashion. Overall, you will come out of this course prepared and ready for your internship journey."

Janawai John

"Being apart of this program can be a great way to prepare for future internships and gain valuable skills and knowledge. It can help you develop professional communication, teamwork, and problem-solving skills, as well as providing insights into the workplace environment."

Andres Rodriguez

"This course was a really good experience that has helped me grow both as a professional and as a person. I can't wait to put in practice all that I have learned."

Mary Royes

"This course gives you the opportunity to have accessible resources which better you as a person and therefore better your work place behaviors. It is designed to either give you the starting blocks for bettering yourself or to help you push yourself in a way which furthers your strengths."

Zoe Philipsen

"An engaging program that cements meaningful values in you for an internship."

Luc Jodoin

"When I came into this, I had no idea what I was doing. As I'm leaving, I've realized the importance and nuances of skills I wasn't even aware of. Thank you!"