Nominate a Claes Nobel Educator of Distinction

Ask any highly accomplished adult, in any profession, to name an individual who played a pivotal role in their success and they will likely name an educator. NSHSS provides its high school members the opportunity to acknowledge high school teachers, counselors or administrators who have made the most significant contribution to their academic career by nominating them as an Educator of Distinction. Nominations are accepted year-round. Since the program began in 2007, more than 50,000 educators have been recognized worldwide.

Educators of Distinction are outstanding role models and exemplary practitioners who have made a lasting difference in a student's life by encouraging them to strive for excellence, not just in their academic pursuits, but in all their endeavors. Educators of Distinction are invited to attend the Society’s free member events around the country and are recognized with a personalized certificate presented in honor of NSHSS Founder Claes Nobel. Educators of Distinction are also eligible to compete for the NSHSS Educator of the Year award.

Kimberly’s Educator of Distinction story

Kimberly Phinney is an award-winning AP English teacher, advocate, writer, and photographer. She has dedicated her life to the arts, literacy, and mental health causes in underserved communities. She was recently named Educator of the Year after she taught her students from her hospital bed while fighting for her life.

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NSHSS members: Nominate your favorite educator

If a high school teacher, counselor or administrator has had a profound and inspiring impact in your life, please log in for more information on how to nominate them for the Claes Nobel Educator of Distinction program.