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NSHSS Academic Tours

Explore your passions and interests with other NSHSS members on an NSHSS Academic Tour! Each year, NSHSS hosts specialized, unique tour opportunities for its members. From STEM immersion at MIT to studying sustainability at Stockholm University or traveling along the East Coast to visit the best universities in the world, there is bound to be something that inspires you.

Upcoming Academic Tours

Boston, Massachusetts
June 18-22, 2022

Join fellow NSHSS members in Boston to explore your STEM passions and gain hands-on experience in real-world labs during a six-day STEM Immersion tour.

Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, & D.C.
July 11-16, 2022

Join fellow NSHSS members on a tour of the East Coast Ivy League Schools. In addition to visiting some of the world's most prestigious institutions, students will go on a historical tour of Boston, see a Broadway show in New York City, and have plenty of opportunities for souvenir shopping!

Stockholm, Sweden
December 5-10, 2021

This once-in-a-lifetime educational experience is one you don't want to miss. Each year, a group of NSHSS members travels to Stockholm, Sweden to attend the Nobel Prize Week festivities in December. Let us know you're interested in traveling with us!

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Behind the scenes of NSHSS Academic Tours

Get inspired to get on the road with NSHSS!

Check out the videos and recaps below of our most popular programs. We'll see you on tour!

Nobel Week Highlights

A week packed with intellectual discourse, inspiring innovations, new friendships, and all the Swedish meatballs you could eat! See Stockholm like never before during the NSHSS Nobel Week every December.

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Ivy League & East Coast University Tour

Read more about the 2019 Ivy League & East Coast Tour


Read about the 2019 STEM Immersion: Boston Tour and plan for STEM Immersion in summer 2022!

STEM Immersion: Boston 2019

FAQs - STEM Immersion and Ivy League

Click the Headers for more info!

Absolutely. Click here to learn more about the extensive precautions and plans put in place by EF, our tours partner.

Each tour is different. Please be sure to review the website for your event thoroughly. Typically, tours will include all accommodations, ground transportation, breakfasts and dinners. 

Currently, we do not have any scholarships for NSHSS Tours but there are payment plans available through PayPal Credit. Please click here for more details.

Each price is per traveler. Students have the option to stay in a room with three other students (QUAD accommodation or four people total in one room) or with one other student (TWIN accommodation or two people total in one room), or by themselves (SINGLE). Those who wish to have their own bed should request a TWIN accommodation as a QUAD room will require two people to share a queen size bed.

No. Travel to and from the events is not included. This is because we have members all across the US, and even across the world, so it was impossible to make one set price for all students.

Additional costs include travel to and from the event (this is not included in the tour price), lunch, and any money for souvenirs.

Yes, but please remember that there is an individual price per traveler. Both you and your friend will have to fill out individual registration forms. Be sure to note your roommate request on your registration form.

No. The pricing is a one-set price that includes accommodation and transportation throughout the week. But since you live in the area, you’ll be able to save money on transportation costs to/from the event!

No. With a group this size, it’s best to keep the student within the group. This allows the chaperones and team leader to keep track of all participants. Additionally, students tend to have a better time with their peers when staying with the group!

We understand the concerns parents have with sending their child off alone on tour, but we take the utmost precautions to ensure your child is safe.

  • We always travel as a group, and all participants will have NSHSS Tour Manager Grace's direct cell phone number.
  • We never let students go off on their own. Even during free time, all students must be with another peer or with a group. Free time, which is typically around lunch time, is no more than 45 minutes.
  • Additionally, we always book hotels that are outside the city as they can better accommodate the larger group size and prevent sneaking out etc.
  • For each hotel, we also have an overnight guard walking the halls. This has not only provided peace of mind for the parents, but also for the tour leaders (so they can get some sleep at night too!).

The final itinerary will be sent out roughly two weeks prior to departure. The final itinerary will also hold all accommodation/hotel locations.

If you think you may need to cancel, NSHSS recommends purchasing a Travel Protection Plan. This is nonrefundable, but based on your plan, you may be eligible to almost a full refund. See full details here.