Make a difference through volunteering

We want to help our NSHSS community with an array of resources and opportunities focused on volunteering. April is National Volunteer Month, but we know that serving the community is important to our members year round!


NSHSS Member Stories

Learn to Express by NSHSS Ambassador Nicole

"June 17, 2020 marks the start of Learn to Express, a community service organization dedicated to empowering expression and education to create an outlet of creativity and innovation."

A Guide to Community Service by Lexy

NSHSS Collegiate Council Vice President of New Member Engagement"When passionate about your service, you will put your best foot forward and those you are helping will acquire the help they truly deserve."

Global Student Voices: Volunteering:

NSHSS Ambassadors discuss the impact that volunteering has made on them and their communities.


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 You can still complete your volunteer hours with these virtual opportunities!

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The NSHSS Career Center has hundreds of opportunities for volunteers! But, it doesn't end there, explore internships and jobs of interest to keep you on your path to success. 

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