Six Volunteer Projects to Grow and Show Leadership Skills

Sunday, January 07, 2024
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The VolunteerCrowd team can always count on one answer when we ask school counselors and college advisors what kind of projects students need: leadership opportunities. Students are encouraged to develop leadership skills on the path to college and career. Simple, right? Well, not exactly. Leadership is one of those words that, when said aloud, inspires different visual images. Everybody has their own interpretation, and nobody sees the idea of leadership the same way. But that is a good thing. In fact, it might just be a great thing.   

No matter your interpretation of it, colleges and employers value leadership characteristics like integrity, influence, empathy, good communication, and self-awareness. Why? Because strong academics are not the only predictors of success. While we all possess leadership potential, students should dedicate time to develop, practice, and hone their skill set in leadership-driven environments.


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VolunteerCrowd makes it easy to learn and demonstrate your unique brand of leadership. Students can search for service projects on VolunteerCrowd and toggle the "add leadership opportunities" button. There you will find service projects where your impact is amplified by the individuals you involve, organize, and motivate. See these six great examples below:

Six Volunteer Projects for Aspiring Student Leaders

Youth Volunteers Create STEM Kits

Remember when you were in elementary school and looked up to high school and college students? Now you are the role model for younger students. Make educational take-home kits for children to complete STEM activities at home. In this role, you will inspire curiosity and students' love of hands-on learning. You can exercise your leadership skills from start to finish by planning collection dates and asking friends or family to help you prepare the kits to drop off or ship. Organizing activities and managing deadlines are vital when planning a drive. You've got this!


Jr. or High School Program Docent

Are you a passionate thought leader in marine biology? If yes, consider interning as a subject-matter expert, interpreter, and exhibit facilitator. Inspire members of the community through hands-on marine and maritime education. Student volunteers are the heart and soul of each visitor’s experience at this sea-life institution. As a docent, your leadership skills will be necessary as you engage visitors during their visit. Build interpersonal skills as you communicate with learners of all ages. Also, take the initiative and ask how you can help inspire others to learn about ocean life. You’ll develop influencer instincts in no time!


Online Teen Student Tutor

Hallmarks of strong leadership include compassion, empathy, and optimism. Remote learning is challenging for everyone, with underserved students falling farther behind. Online tutor-mentors have the chance to educate and mentor homeless students in need who cannot afford tutoring costs. Demand for virtual tutors is increasing following the effects of the recent COVID-19 pandemic. Your motivational skills and encouragement will inspire students to succeed in areas where they struggle. Gain experience and inspiration by leading students to be successful during the most challenging of times.


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Teen Food Bank Volunteer

Authority figures know how to spot problems and persuade others to take action. One way to take action can be fairly straightforward: provide for those nearest you who may not have the ability to provide for themselves. In areas all around the country, local food banks can barely keep up with demand. Rally your friends and family to join you, or organize your club or group for a day of service. There are daily community service opportunities that need your team’s support. You and your recruits can develop empathy and a broader view of your community by working with citizens struggling to make ends meet for various reasons.


Lead a Volunteer Letters to the Elderly Project

Every leader should master persuasive writing and relationship building. The right words can brighten the day of isolated senior citizens by conveying hope and optimism. Ask a teacher or club leader if you can organize a group for a letter-writing campaign. Research the issues confronting elderly citizens and recommend themes and messages. Create a common bond by sharing your own challenges and how you are coping with problems at home and school. Letters can be cherished and revisited during difficult times. And you will learn from former leaders just like you who might just have wisdom not found anywhere else.


Student Volunteer Ambassador and Leader

Reach across the globe to make an impact. As a student ambassador, you can bring awareness and support to this environmental organization's mission and learn how to engage in community outreach effectively Participate in an eight-week program in which volunteers will meet virtually every Saturday to learn about the water crisis in West Africa, with a specific focus on the negative impact on women and girls. Students are ambassadors who drive awareness and lead others to understand both problems and solutions.


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Define Your Own Brand of Leadership

You are never too young to be a force for change, no matter how large or small. Many students are currently volunteering as unofficial community leaders. Your emerging character strengths can enhance your future college, scholarship, internship, and job applications. Admissions officers and employers want to know how students will respond when faced with challenges and what role you will play in building a resilient community. Never waste a crisis. VolunteerCrowd provides leadership opportunities and service transcripts to memorialize your growth and achievements along the way. All you need is the motivation and desire to make a difference.



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