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NSHSS isn’t just for high school scholars. Educators like you are crucial to the success of our young scholars. NSHSS salutes the achievements of outstanding educators who have helped students reach their potential. In addition to nominating exceptional students, teachers and other educators have opportunities to apply for grants, attend educational events, and earn recognition for their contributions to today’s youth.

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Here's what our Educators say about NSHSS...

Being named the Educator Coach of the year for 2020 by the National Society for High School Scholars has reaffirmed my hard work and dedication to students over the past 35 years of my teaching career. Receiving the $5,000 grant in the midst of the COVID–19 Pandemic has definitely been a blessing since it arrived at a time when it was desperately needed. I am thankful and humbled to have received such an outstanding honor from such a prestigious organization.

Helen Freeman

Huntington High School

NSHSS has afforded me life-changing opportunities regarding my life's work in education from Top Educator of the Year 2019 to winning a $10,000 grant for girl's education. The support and tangible resources I've received will continue to advance my efforts towards world betterment and equity in the classroom.

Sofia Gonzalez

Morton East High School

The impact of being honored as a Claes Nobel Educator of the Year lasts a lifetime! One is reminded that we are in the business of saving academic lives and that the best of the best for students is the best for ALL students. This honor amplifies what pedagogical practice is all about, whether we are in minority-majority schools, in schools with over 60 languages, in rural schools, in urban schools, in virtual classrooms... This award continues to inspire both my head and heart - and it generates a will and desire to empower educators everywhere!

Jody Zepp

Long Reach High School

Exclusive Educator Grants

NSHSS is proud to offer grant opportunities, special discounts, access to conferences, and more to teachers and educators.


My Virtual Learning Success Story Grant
Apply for one of five (5) $500 awards created to recognize those who were presented with a tough situation, and through the trials and tribulations of virtual learning, came out successful.
Conference or Virtual Event Grants
NSHSS is providing five (5) $500 grants to be used during 2021 to help defray costs of educational conference registration, travel, and accommodations.
NSHSS College Counselor Service Award
The NSHSS College Counselor Service Award has been created to honor three (3) hardworking counselors with $1,000 awards who have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to preparing students for success in college and in life.


Students who join NSHSS become members for life. A one-time membership fee of $75 grants them access to scholarship opportunities and much more.


NSHSS awards over $2 million in exclusive scholarships each year.


NSHSS college fairs help students prepare for a successful college transition.


Leadership programs teach students critical skills to help them achieve their goals.


NSHSS member events in the US and abroad connect young scholars with their peers.


Our partners offer valuable, real-world skills through internships and more.


Students can save money on textbooks, test prep programs, and more.


Meet our Claes Nobel Educator of the Year Award recipients recognized for their work helping students build on academic success and grow the skills and desire to have a positive impact in the global community.

EOY Dr. Chikezie Madu
Dr. Chikezie Madu
2020 Teacher of the Year

White Station High School, Memphis, TN

EOY Sofia Gonzalez
2019 Top Educator of the Year

Morton East High School, Cicero, Illinois

EOY Christine Fryer
Christine Fryer
2018 Top Educator of the Year

MLK- Educational Campus High School for Law Advocacy and Community Justice, New York, New York


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NSHSS provides its high school members the opportunity to acknowledge high school teachers, counselors or administrators who have made the most significant contribution to their academic career by nominating them as an Educator of Distinction.


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