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Meet Our Team

NSHSS Team Jim
James Lewis
NSHSS Team Lee Lewis
Lee Lewis
Vice President
NSHSS Team Tammy
Talmadge U. “Tammy” Bailey
Chief Financial Officer
NSHSS Team Karen Kane
Karen Kane
Director, Scholarships and Communications National Society of High School Scholars Executive Director, NSHSS Foundation
NSHSS Team Carla
Carla G. Daniel
Senior Manager, Member Services
NSHSS Team Gia
Gia Coppi
Senior Manager of Society Programs
NSHSS Team Allison
Allison Kwan
Senior Manager, Academic Programs
NSHSS Team Courtney (1)
Courtney Sample
Senior Manager of Events
NSHSS Team Leslie Walton
Leslie Walton
Member Engagement Manager
Charlanda Chapman
Manager, Data Processing
NSHSS Team Dr. Carla
Carla Chaney-Rhodes
Member Services Coordinator
NSHSS Team Carina
Carina Hernandez
Member Services
NSHSS Team Ltzy
Litzy Hernandez
Member Services
NSHSS Team Abby Duke
Abby Duke
Manager of Social Media
NSHSS Team Grace
Grace Dent
Senior Coordinator, Partnerships & Events
NSHSS Team Carly
Carly Bryeans
Manager of Partnerships Development
NSHSS Team Rachel Zhang
Rachel Zhang
Education Manager, NSHSS China Office
NSHSS Team Nikki
Nikki Eye
Scholarships & Communications Manager