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Fellows Program


If you’re looking to contribute to the success of other NSHSS alum, our Fellows program might be a great way to stay involved with us while giving back. NSHSS Fellows dedicate themselves to connecting our alumni members with resources and opportunities to further our alum’s academic and career aspirations.

Fellows are involved in bettering their communities through corporate efforts, their work with nonprofits, academics, or the arts. They truly are committed to bettering themselves and the communities they work and live in. Our Fellows community is made up of nearly 700 members who further the NSHSS mission of world betterment by bringing together alum members and current scholars through networking events, NSHSS member events, and mentorship.

Interested in becoming a Fellow? You must be an NSHSS member with an undergraduate degree or three years work experience in your chosen field. 

To connect with one of our Fellows or to find out more about joining, email us at

Image: Elizabeth Blanchette (Fellows Vice President of Alumni Relations), Kolby Keo (Fellows Vice President of Special Events), Morgan Vazquez (Fellows President), Laura Amortegui (Fellows Executive Board Member), and April Kalinski (Fellows Secretary)

Join the Fellows Program

If you're an NSHSS member who has graduated with an undergraduate degree or has the equivalent of three years work experience in your chosen field, you're eligible to become a Fellow. Thanks for joining us!

NSHSS Fellows Executive Board


Our Fellows are always doing something to better themselves and their communities. Whether it's volunteering at a local food bank, mentoring others, or advancing the mission of NSHSS, our Fellows truly are making a difference. If you're doing something incredible, won a professional award or made a major contribution to a community service organization, we want to hear from you! You’re an inspiration to us here at NSHSS, and we think your accomplishments will inspire our members, too.

Submit your achievement here for a chance to be featured on the NSHSS blog, social media or in our quarterly Scholar’s Journal!

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Fellows Program